NZW37 2-Channel Outlets

Is there any chance that we will once again be able to use the NZW37 plug-in outlets like we once could?

What’s wrong with it?

The switch itself works fine – the 2 working independently of one another and being able to setup routines. What I can no longer do that I used to be able to is:

Change the name of each switch (rather than them just being Switch 1 and Switch 2);
Each switch had its own icon in the app (not merely sub-switches of whatever switch #1 used to be named);
I used to be able to operate each switch by voice – now voice control only turns on/off the whole thing (both switches).

These switches were my introduction to Inovelli, and I miss the functionality they used to have.

Which driver are you using?

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Inovelli First Gen

Can you post a screenshot of the Driver page from the plug’s device page?

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@coreystup has these and may be able to comment about what you’re trying to accomplish.

In the new Edge architecture, ST offers “multi component” devices as you’re seeing with the single tile, Main overall device and Switch1/Switch2 sub devices. This works nicely for some things but has some of the limitations as you’re pointing out. You can’t rename the subcomponents at this time And the subcomponents don’t work with voice assistants like Alexa - she only sees the top level item.

However, Inovelli is awesome and @EricM_Inovelli spent the extra time to add options to the driver to create Child devices for each of the subcomponents. The options are in the Settings menu.

This will create child devices that will show up as their own tile and will cross to Alexa and other voice assistants.

Another option would be to create virtual switches and use routines to mirror the state of the Switch1/Switch2 components to the virtuals. The virtual would be shared with Alexa and have its own tile on the UI. But that shouldn’t be necessary with the Create Child Device option that Eric gave us.


Thank you so much, Corey! Worked perfectly. Interesting that they were created in the same room as my hub, rather than the room the main switch is in.

I agree whole heartedly that Inovelli is awesome. I bought these 2 switches several years ago as I was just getting into the smart home world. I Emailed tech support one evening as I was trying to get them setup, and Eric (I don’t know which one) got back with me almost immediately. I was definitely sold then!

Thanks again!