NZW37 Misidentified by Hubitat as Ring Smoke/CO Listener

I was adding my NZW37 to my new Hubitat C-7 and hit a bit of an oddity. When I included it, the NZW37 was identified as a Ring Alarm Smoke/CO Listener. I did not have the Inovelli driver loaded yet, but just thought I could mention this odd behavior if someone else hits it.

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Hubitat picks a driver with a matching (or maybe close enough?) fingerprint on pairing. I’m not sure why a smart plug and smoke/CO detector would be that similar (surely not identical command classes on the Z-Wave side…), but if you had the driver added to Hubitat first, there’s a better chance it would have picked that one. Inovelli can’t do much about this; Hubitat might be able to if you send them the device fingerprint (from the generic “Device” driver).

But otherwise, as I’m sure you’ve figured out, you can just switch to the correct driver later. Hitting “Configure” afterwards is usually a good idea, too.

Odd, indeed! :smiley:

Yup. I had no problem solving it. I just figured I would mention it so if someone else ever saw it, they would know it was not just them.