Odd issue with Red Dimmer

Hi all -

I have a curious issue with a red series dimmer that I have not been able to solve as of yet.

My setup is a three-way with a dumb switch controlling a single incandescent bulb. I do have neutrals. All wiring appears to be stable and correct.

When the dumb switch is in the “up” position (I know this is arbitrary, but just for sake of clearness) the dimmer seems to work without issue. Turns on and off with no issue, dims with no issue.

However, when the dump switch is in the opposite “down” position, pressing the dimmer either up or down results in what appears to be a reboot with the switch flashing red/green/blue followed by nothing.

I verified configuration is correct for neutral wiring and use of a dumb switch for a three-way.

I’m guessing this has to be a wiring issue with the traveler, but I wanted to make sure there was no other configuration issue before I go digging again.


Hey @RMF - can you confirm this is the LZW31-SN and not the new 2-1? I’m pretty sure it’s the former based on the word Dimmer in the title, but wanted to be sure.

One thing you can try is to set the max dim level at like 80 and work your way up to see when it fails and then set the max dim level one integer below where it fails.

If that doesn’t fix it, then let’s take a look at the wiring!

Eric -

Thanks so much for the reply. It is the LZW31-SN.

So, I decided to redo the wiring because I figured it had to be an error. And … lo and behold, it’s working now.

I obviously had something wrong, but after looking at it 20x trying to figure it out … you know how it goes.

Appreciate your offer to help, sorry it was likely my being a numbskull…

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