On&off and dim only remotely

Edit: I think what I want is [2-117-0-local] Local protection state: [2] NoOperationPossible. I didn’t see it at first since it’s in a different menu.

I have some light bulbs which are not smart that need to be turned on and off, and dimmed by the switch.

However, I want all my vzw31-sn switches to function as scene controllers, as opposed to switches for a particular light.

Can I disable the on / off and dimming from local button presses, while still being able to do that remotely via home assistant?

That is, I want the switch to do nothing when I press the buttons. However, when it gets commands from home assistant, I still want it to turn the lights it’s connected to on and off. Thus, this isn’t quite smart bulb mode afaict.

I’ve gotten this kind of working by setting all the local speeds and rates to really large values, but it’s not exactly right.

You just need to disable local control. There are separate parameters for local control and remote control, so if you disable local control you can still address the switch via the hub. The quickest way for local control disabling may be by 8X on the config button.

8x will toggle the local control on and off. If it flashes red after doing that, local control has been disabled. If it flashes green after doing that, local control has been re-enabled.