On/Off base model with smart bulbs?

I’ve disabled the relay but i don’t know how to proceed. I am using NodeRed inside HomeAssistant. I have a dimmer red series that hijacks the scene commands to set stuff, but since the red series doesn’t have scenes, I’m totally lost.

You go this sorted? theres some good guides i’ve found. for starters…

I’m still trying to work out nodered and inovelli but thats cause i’m so new to this whole thing. But automations tab in homeassistant works well with inovelli red series dimmer scenes and notifications (led strip notifications.)

Just discovered I had this draft message I wrote a long time ago when I re-visited this thread now. I think I was going to research a bit more, but maybe some of it will still be helpful. :slight_smile: Here goes…

The Red Series (LZW30-SN for the switch) has scene capability for multi-taps (1-5 in each direction, plus holds/releases and one tap of the config button). The Black Series (LZW30) is usually said not to have “scenes,” but the reality is that it still sends the same scene event as the Red Series for a single tap up or down on the paddle. (EDIT: Just tried this on Hubitat and it does not…the driver looks like it would try to parse that though. I’m guessing this was an accidental inclusion that let me to this conclusion?) It is 100% accurate that it does not support the notification LED parameter or scenes for multi-taps. You can disable local control on either the Red or Black, though the Red obviously gives you a bit more flexibility in what you can do with it in this configuration.

So I guess the first question is: which do you really have? Beyond that, I might not be much help since I’ve never used the Black Series on Home Assistant. But hopefully this extra info will be helpful to someone who has. :slight_smile: In any case, just because you see anything about “scenes” doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong — there is a tiny bit of overlap with the Red Series here .