On/Off Switch | Project Knight Flank (v2.0)

This will be an area where we’ll discuss improvement opportunities for our On/Off Switch (Base Model) in terms of hardware and firmware.

Feel free to list anything from examples you’d like to see implemented (ie: I want to be able to change the dim level based on certain times of day), hardware features you’d like to see upgraded (ie: 700 Series Z-Wave) or firmware features you’d like to see added (ie: instant on for the switch).

Looking forward to improving the switch!

This will be an area where suggestions are captured and commented on. Thank you all for the ideas and we’ll do our best to implement them!

Suggestion #1 - Instant On Optimization
Credit: The Bearded Tech Guy via YouTube

Currently, the switch has about a 0.3-0.5 second delay when manually turning the light on. This is because the same base firmware was used as our scene switch which requires a delay to see if the user will double tap for scene control. We will eliminate this in V2.

Status: TBD

Suggestion #2 - Momentary Switching Ability
Credit: @thetech101

Have the built in ability to change your switch to a momentary switch where regardless of where you press on the switch, the switch will alternate on/off. Example: If your light is on and you press up on the paddle, the switch will go off. If you press up again, the switch will turn on. If you press down on the switch, it will then turn off. Finally, if you press down on the switch again, it will turn back on.

Reference Thread: Using both sides of the rocker to turn on the LZW30-SN

Status: TBD

Suggestion #3 - Ability to Disable Config Button
Credit: Ticket from Site

Allow there to be either a security setting to enter config mode or a way to disable it so that it cannot be edited in commercial (or personal) settings.

Status: TBD


Two suggestions

  • Allow for wiring line/load to either screw
  • Reduce/eliminate the audible click associated power state change.
  • And naturally 700 Series upgrade :wink:

Closing as we are discontinuing the Black Series line per our latest video: An Update from the CEO | MARCH 2021 - YouTube