On/Off Switch (Red Series) | Project Lights Out (v2.0)

I would also like this. It’s the only reason I got the dimmer in some cases, but I’m using them with smart bulbs with local control disabled and don’t even need the dimmer (and would really prefer for them not to be connected to one, but I haven’t seen any problems with them permanently at level 99 yet in this setup).

In fact, I’d be OK with a “switchless switch” too, basically a powered scene/button device with an LED bar — similar in concept to a Lutron seeTouch, but similar in design to the Inovelli dimmer (though I wouldn’t complain if it were also somewhere between the two). That might be a bit of a niche market, but the advantage I’m thinking is that it could be a bit smaller without the actual switch/dimmer (and cheaper?).

I seem to recall a comment that the relay is much of the depth. So eliminating that I would think would allow a much shallower install.

Line/load could just pass through, allowing load to disconnect when pulling the air-gap tab.

I kind of like this idea? But I prefer the way it is. In our house the number of On/Off’s vs Dimmers are going to be about 50/50 when I’m completed. Maybe more dimmers than that. So the visual cue of the larger LED bar, for the dimmer, sets the expectations for the switches capabilities.

I can just hear the angry questions now… Why isn’t this dimmer changing the brightness of the lights?

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Yes, I concur. Without the visual indicator, even I would forget which are dimmers and which are switches… Touch and noise wise, they would seem the same too.

Just wanted to let everyone know that we’re submitting a large list to the manufacturer in the next couple of days and we’re starting the process of updating some of these. Some may have to move to V3.0 based on the size of the Z-Wave chip and the memory we’ve already used. But we’ll for sure keep everyone posted on the status!

Shoutout to @EricM_Inovelli for compiling this list and to all of you for helping us with bugs and enhancements.


Thanks for the update, @Eric_Inovelli. Will you be asking the manufacturer to investigate reports of switches freezing and requiring power cycle? I’ve had it happen to me twice so far on two different switches. Others are having worse luck.

For this request, I had also suggested making the time delay a configurable parameter. That way, for those who like to double tap faster, they have the option of having their switches respond faster while maintaining scene control. Right now, my GE switches are about 2x faster than the Inovellis and also have double tap feature which works great. Essentially, their delay is much less than Inovellis to the extent that it barely ever feels like a delay.

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Any update on WWST approval? Surely you guys are calling basically every day at this point? Looking to move to local processing for these switches to avoid the cloud delay.

If you are looking to avoid the cloud delay, and don’t mind a little extra work migrating - Hubitat is 100% local.


@Eric_Inovelli Color-blind friendly config light selections. This would apply to both switches and dimmers. Ease config errors for people with color-blindness.

Shorter config button so that it doesn’t extend past the length of paddle. Maybe something between where it is in V1 and flush.

I’m also super for Suggestion #4 - Scene Control via Aux Switch. To simplify things as I know the traveler signal can be rather noisy / inconsistent, I think even just activating Scene 1 on down and Scene 2 on up would cover a lot of peoples’ use cases.

In my particular instance, I have a smart hallway light that allows me to control its color temperature that is connected to the Inovelli switch and a GE add-on switch, and I’d like the light powered at all times so I can control its color via Circadian Lighting in Home Assistant and not require that the color shift suddenly when the light turns on after being off all day.

With the current implementation with the add-on switch, I must have the relay enabled so when the light is off, it’s not receiving any power.

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I didn’t see this brought up before. I see a lot of people like the strip of leds on the dimmer switch and it is nice to use for notifications. Is there a way to update th efirmware to disable the dimmer so the it can be used as a switch without accidently being only parially on and still have the led strip style of notifications?
A more involved idea would be to make the switches with the same led notification system.

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Can we change the LED color when off verses on? I like the led to find the switch when it’s dark but if the switch if for an outside light I Like that I can have a ON condition of the LED to indicate the light is on as well.

@Eric_Inovelli any update on the firmware update? Specifically interested in the instant on option since this is the biggest thing limiting WAF. I really appreciate the support you guys offer and a big reason I choose Inovelli over GE/Leviton/etc. Even a roughly quarter time frame (mid Q2, etc) would be greatly appreciated.


@Eric_Inovelli I also am interested in any info you have regarding the instant on/off changes coming. I had various smart switches (zooz, lutron, ge, etc.) and threw them all out and went pure Inovelli because I love the community involvement and flexibility you guys have. Love the product. Just finished installing about 50 red series on/off switches and they are almost perfect. If I can just get that on/off speed faster it will make my day! (FYI, at first I thought the delay was smartthings, so I bought a Hubitat and its definitely faster, but the ~.5 second delay at the switch is still painful, it results in about a one second round trip to the light bulb in my testing).

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Elsewhere he said that the firmware engineer was quarantined through 3/2 in Shenzen. I think it was on the latest fan/light combo update. Probably a few weeks behind if this is the case.

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@Eric_Inovelli the Instant On Optimization is something I would love to see.

However in my case I use Inovelli because of the ability to disable the internal relay. All my bulbs are smart color changing bulbs and are toggled on/off via single tap scenes. Instead of fully disabling Scene Control, I think it would be much better to disable scenes for multiple taps. I would be extremely happy with instant responses for single tap top and single tap down while the relay remains off.

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Another Idea for a new feature would be to instantly emit a zwave event on press and an event on release of up/down paddels. That way people could program their own features via their hub
Instant On/Off? Just listen for a press followed by a release
Want to dim Listen for press and if no release in 0.3 seconds start dimming at 10%/s untill release event
Custom action for 20s hold also do-able

Can we get this suggestion + my above post for instant on features added to the OP :slight_smile:

Any ETA you can give us on V2.0 would be appreciated

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Any news on the instant on/off fix?

If not, anyone have any confirmed Z-Wave switches that don’t have this issue? I bought one of these Inovelli ones before I knew it had this problem and need a few more around the house that respond instantly.