On/Off Switches Arrive in Canada!

Just wanted to let all our northern friends know that the On/Off Switches should be released from Customs today and there’s a delivery scheduled for Amazon.ca tomorrow (October 2nd, 2019)!

We’re still working on getting our website the ability to process Canadian orders, but for now, feel free to give Amazon some love.

On/Off (Black Series):

On/Off (Red Series):

Don’t wait for me to clearance the switches this time to buy them like last year lol! We shipped a limited quantity to test the waters, so don’t be shy :slight_smile:

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We shipped a limited quantity to test the waters, so don’t be shy

Any chance these are sold out already? I’ve refreshed the amazon listing a few times toady and they still say unavailable… A new on/off red series switch will hopefully hold me off until my pre-order of dimmer switches arrives :wink:

Hey @driedger - no, not yet thankfully! I don’t need those tomatoes thrown at my face just yet lol.

There was a slight delay at customs which pushed back the delivery to Amazon to tomorrow night (Oct 3rd) at 8pm.

If it’s anything like Amazon USA, the products where ready within a few hours (which was surprising to me bc normally it takes a few days).

I will be refreshing the page with you tomorrow!

EDIT: What a great surprise to wake up to - they are live on Amazon.ca @driedger!

Order placed, thanks @Eric_Inovelli for making these available to your northern neighbours!

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Is there an ETA of when the Red’s will be back in stock on Amazon.ca?


Not yet – their support is still, “looking into it” – there’s no number to call so I’m at a standstill.

I do have a USA friend who works for Amazon looking into it who’s trying to help. Unfortunately, all Seller Support is outsourced, so it’s impossible to get them to see our side of the story (that we’re literally losing out on sales daily).

We’re trying to see if we can open it up on our website and then have you purchase there and then fulfill from Canada. We may be able to do that, but I have to test it out via their Multi-Channel Fulfillment.

@Micah_Inovelli is working on getting the Provincial Tax info inputted into our website so that we collect.

Let me connect with him tomorrow to see if we can solve it this way. I may need a guinea pig to make a test order to see if it goes through. Let me know if you’re interested!

If you want an order made from Quebec I can be your guy
Just let me know

@Eric_Inovelli for sure! To your point, I’ve been working on getting our Inovelli.com store opened up for Canada. The issue we’ve been working through is getting our tax calculation software to “talk” correctly to our e-commerce store. From what I’ve seen, it should be possible, but we need to ensure it is calculating correctly for all applicable taxes for each Province. I’ve got a ticket in to our tax calculation software company and I’m hoping we can get this figured out soon! @MKITGO2, really appreciate your patience here. It means a lot!

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Hello there, Will the black series have multiple tap mapping as well on the device handler, even if they don’t have scene feature?

I use pistons with webcore here.

Great question @mmarques - no, they do not support this.

UPDATE: The On/Off Red Series listing is again available on Amazon.ca. Flash Sale prices have been extended due to the listing going down during the recent sale. @Eric_Inovelli provides more info and a link to the product page on Amazon.ca in the linked thread below. Just wanted to make sure this thread was updated too!

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W00t as they say!.
Ordered 3 of those Red Series.


Whoops, looks like I just missed it, even though today is Monday morning. Next time… :slight_smile:

Ditto… Only got the forum notification today…

@Eric_Inovelli or @Micah_Inovelli any way to subscribe to an ‘announcements’ or eblast mailing when these things happen… seems you put it on for 3 days, one day after I last checked in on this thread.

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Yeah @Brianna_Inovelli is working hard on creating some sort of email sign up for these sort of things. We should have something within a couple weeks that everyone can sign up for and stay in the loop.

I’m sure there will be a pretty sweet Black Friday deal (hint, hint).


@Eric_Inovelli - Black Friday or Cyber Monday? The latter seems to fit the technology …Or have a BF-Cyber deal.

“while supplies last” lol

@Eric_Inovelli is correct! I am working on making our newsletters better than ever. While I have you, I’d love to know what you want from an email newsletter! Just the sales and specials? Want to know the latest company prank? I don’t want to flood your inboxes with stuff you don’t want :wink:

Maybe you can setup a multiple level newsletter.

Level 1: Special offer, flash sale event, black Friday sale. You get the point
Level 2: level 1 + new product
Level 3: level 2 + fun stuff.

Now you would have have to categorise every entry you make for that newsletter so user receive only what they want.

Just a tough.

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I like this thought a lot! I was planning on having options when you sign up for the newsletter to also get information on things like upcoming products, any collaborations we may come across, and industry news, as well as an option to receive updates from us at the office to see more of our fun side! We’re not just a smart home company … we’re a “cool” smart home company lol :wink: