Open Wall Plate Slot - What to do?

I’m planning on replacing a pair of switches (separate fan/light) with a combined fan/light switch, but as a result this will end up with me having an empty spot in my wall plate. I realize I could get a blank slot or leave a switch in there just disconnected and so on, but does anyone know of something more ‘smart/fun’ to put there? A display or notification panel of sorts or something else that can take advantage of the space?

I’d temporarily put in a blank and wait for:

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If you can’t wait you could put in a Red Dimmer Or Switch and use as a scene controller…

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What are you guys using scenes for?

I’m definitely considering just waiting for the scene controller and going that route, but my office is more off in a corner of my house so I’m questioning how much I’d use the functionality there. Most of what I’ve done so far is focused around modes, rule machine, and using Google home to control them with my voice and while I’ve watched some videos on setting up scenes, I’m trying to think of how I’d actually end up using it.

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I use them to turn on groups of lamps to various levels. Sort of a parallel to the voice capability. Also use them to turn sets of LED strips to various effects. Also one big one to do a nighttime shutdown.