PDF manual for Blue switch

Is one available? I find scrolling through the online post tedious, harder to search, and I just prefer something that I can download.


When you’re looking for Inovelli refererence material for a particular device, start in the Knowledge Base section and drill your way down to the specific product on the left side.

Blue Switch Resources, How To’s and Setup Instructions:


Blue Switch Manual:



Thx. I am still interested in PDF manual, so I created one using a bit of Python magic to pull down the post and create a PDF. It’s pretty good except two of the source images are overly large.

Other than one tiny little edit the script does not change a thing from what is online, including the images. (The edit was a couple of stray characters that caused the formatting to go awry.)

PDF does not support animated GIFs, so the image looks correct, its just not animated. The MS Word version of what I create does support animated GIFs.