Philips Hue Zigbee bulbs and

I am a fairly novice Smartthings user. Previously, I noted question on connecting my recessed lights (4 in total) that are Philips Hue zigbee. I have a Red Series Inovelli Dimmer connected to these lights. I am trying to figure out a way to connect it so that I can turn on/off the lights using the Red Series switch, change scenes using the push/tap (2x for cool white, 3x for warm white, etc,) but also not lose out on ability for my family members to talk to Google to turn on the scene (‘Hey Google turn Porch cool white to trigger the same scene as 2x tap). How do I go about doing this? There are a few options per this write-up but I cannot tell which one of these could I use for mine?

The link you shared is looking at Zwave and associations which aren’t going to be an option when you have Hue lights. I think this may be what you’re looking for instead though -

Actually the link itself talks about ZigBee and Philips hue bulbs specifically. Appears that association can also be used with ZigBee bulbs. It seems to me that I can:

  1. Turn on/off from the switch directly - this is possible already
  2. Turn on scenes from the switch directly - this is also possible once the lights turn on
  3. Turn on using Google assistant - not possible fully as it goes directly into the warm white of Philips hue
  4. Turn off using Google assistant - possible
  5. Tell Google to set lights in porch (all my lights are in the porch) a certain color - not possible

I am not sure what link you are referring to, but a @chack posted, you are not going to control Zigbee bulbs via Zwave association. That only pertains to Zwave bulbs.

You are taking the wrong approach. Your Hue bulbs should not be powered off. What you will need to do is turn on the Smart Bulb mode on the dimmer and also Disable Local Control. (This varies a bit based on firmware so post back it it’s not clear.) This insures that your bulbs are always fully powered and insures that the dimmer cannot physically cut power to the bulbs.

Now that your bulbs are fully powered, you control them via scenes. You’ll configure multi-taps on the dimmer as one way of triggering them. You will include on and off in your scenes, since the switch won’t be physically by able to cut power to them.

My apologies, I skimmed over the first article initially. Yes it does reference the zigbee bulbs and setting up scenes in the 2nd setup option, that’s what the larger article I linked refers to, and what @Bry is talking about as well (disabling local control, enabling smart bulb mode as part of that, etc).

As far as what you can control by voice, it’s going to depend some on what you can see in the hub, but I believe you should be able to set up multiple scenes for the different colors/warmness of lighting that you want, and then it’ll just be a matter of setting Google assistant to trigger them on specific voice commands.