Phillips Hue with Red Switch

I need to install a new light above my shower. It is our 2nd bathroom that my wife uses for a nightlight somewhat. I was wondering if i got a phillips hue bulb, if i could set an automation/scene to turn the light to a certain color (soft white) during certain hours at night, but back to bright white if the light is actually turned on, and then completely off for the morning hours.

Has anyone tried this before?

I would probably do this in webCore or maybe Rule Engine, as you have a bit of complexity that you may or may not be able to do with automations or Smart Lighting. Also, I don’t use Hue, but the theory should be the same for any smart bulb. In any event, here is the theory:

At the switch, you’re going to disable local control so the the bulb is provided a constant 120V.

In webCore, IF time happens daily at xxx, THEN turn on the bulb, set the level, set the color temperature. If your bulb supports setting parameters while it’s not on, then rearrange the order.

Create a scene that sets the bulb to full brightness and desired color temperature. In Smart Lighting, map Button 1 pushed and Button 1 held to on and off. This should result in the light turning on at full brightness at whatever temperature when you push up on the switch and turn the bulb off when you push down on the switch.

So at this point, the night light comes on whenever. I’m thinking that while it’s on, if you push up on the switch the scene will run and turn the light on to full brightness.

If you turn the light off at night, you want the night light to come back on, so in webCore, IF time is between xxx and xxx AND the switch changes to off, then turn the light on at xxx brightness and xxx color.

Lastly, IF times happens daily at xxx, turn the bulb off.

That ought to get you started.

Excellent! Thank you very much, i am going to try to see if i can put this all together! I greatly appreciate your help