Please add an app/drivers for the Homey Pro 2023 hub

Please add an app/drivers for the Homey Pro 2023 hub. The hub and their advanced flows engine are awesome. (Fingers crossed for LZ45 mostly)


I will also like inovelli to be available on homey pro, I want to give a try to homey pro

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I’ll give the same reply that I give to the Home Assistant community: If you want it, make it happen.

The documentation is there for the z-wave commands, associations, etc. If homey has the capabilities, it is only a matter of learning the code and implementing it with other enthusiasts. If you have questions we are more than happy to help.

As a non-coder, I absolutely have helped and collaborated with other more knowledgeable people to make it happen!

Does Inovelli or the community develop the Edge drivers for SmartThings?

EricM has direct experience in ST environment and contacts with the development team, and therefore it was developed very quickly with direct ST help. I’m sure if homey themselves were interested they could collab as well.

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