Please help, if it’s not broken I’m about to break it

I wired, installed, integrated with HA and had this working for a week. Then I switched and had to rebuild my HA. Because of this I did a factory reset on my switch but once it turned the led red and I released the buttons the leds remained solid red. No blinking. Nothing. Now none of the buttons do anything. My lights don’t turn on. Repeated attempts to reset do nothing. Just a solid red led taunting me. Unchanging. Judging.

I have searched everywhere and i find something about alarm mode but nothing beyond a sentence saying that. Nothing on how to disable or change. Please help.

Are you using the VZM31-SN VZW31-SN? I assume so given the tags in your post, but it might be helpful to confirm.

In any case, one thing you can try that I haven’t seen mentioned is power cycling the device. The air gap might work, but disconnecting the line wire or turning off the circuit breaker for a few seconds or more and turning it back on (or reconnecting, etc.) should.

On a related note, I have never seen anything about the “alarm mode” thing you’ve found. While a link to whatever you found may be helpful as a reference to help someone figure out the context and what they must have meant, it seems unlikely to be related to this problem.

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Yes that’s the correct switch.

The alarm comment appears to be a custom thing someone did to setup automation with their alarm system after I read it further.

Just did the breaker and it reset. Thank you so much for the reply and solution!

Sorry, I actually meant to type “VZW” (been working on some VZMs lately so they were on my mind… :smiley: )