Poll: Blue 2-1 default power/energy reporting intervals

The zigbee2mqtt converter for the Blue 2-1s was updated a couple of weeks ago with default reporting intervals of 15 seconds for both power and energy. Personally, this doesn’t fit my needs, and I found myself going through each switch to recover the longer values I’d previously had. I thought a community poll might be the best way to zero in on appropriate values for these settings. Note that these are NOT the same as the interval settings in the configuration parameters page (Exposes tab). The settings we’re talking about are located on the Reporting tab, and seem to have a big impact on zigbee mesh health and performance.

I use a 2x multiplier for energy (power every 900s, energy every 1800s). The poll below should let you choose a preferred default value, and if you’d like a default multiplier you can pick that too. Let’s leave this up for 2 weeks (close on Jan 31) and see if we get anything resembling a consensus.

POLL: what should the default power and energy reporting intervals be for the Blue 2-1 switches?

  • 15 seconds
  • 30 seconds
  • 60 seconds
  • 5 minutes
  • 10 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • Use my above choice for power, and multiply by 2 for energy
  • Use my above choice for power, and multiply by 3 for energy
  • Use my above choice for power, and multiply by 5 for energy
  • Use my above choice for power, and multiply by 10 for energy

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I want power more often than 15 seconds as I automate stuff based on that. I want it to report WHEN energy changes more than the % threshold, similar to the reds. Re-sending power is almost useless to me. Power/Energy updates every few mins (5 mins) seems about right.

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OK, so that’s 1 vote for immediate - unfortunately I’m not allowed to edit the poll after the 1st 5 minutes, so immediate votes will need to go in the comments.

I prefer to leave the force update to a longer setting (mine defaulted to an hour) and change the min rep change as needed. I’ve found 2.5W for power and 0.1 kWh for energy works for most changes while ignoring the small constant fluctuations.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure the units in the interval boxes are seconds, so what you have there is minimum 1 second, maximum 1 hour.

From what I can figure out,

Min rep interval = Minimum time to wait before sending the next report. ( 1 = wait at least 1 second, 60 = wait at least 1 minute)

Max rep Interval = Maximum time before force sending a report (1 = force a new report every second, 3600 = force a new report every hour)

Min rep change = how much the value needs to change to create a new report. (In the case of activePower 25=the power reading must change at least 2.5W for a new report to be created)

Totally open to looking into updating this. I thought that changing the converter would only effect newly included devices?

The problem we were seeing is that there were some strange loads that had frequent power fluctuations. The default for these were accidentally initially set to 0. This caused many reports to be sent if the power would fluctuate frequently.

So we bumped the default up to 15 but thought it would be for newly included devices and then the user could set it higher if they wished to.

I would have hoped for the same, but when I updated this last time to 1.29.2 all my Blues were set back to the new default of 15s. Thought it might be a good idea to see if there’s consensus on values that are good for most people from the get-go. For me, 15s feels too fast, but I’m a sample size of one… perhaps that’s a good number for the majority.

Only 8 total voters, so perhaps too small a sample size to make a decision. However, I’d note that nobody voted for 15 seconds (the current default). All participants would prefer at least 60 seconds and perhaps much longer.