Possessed Bedroom - Power Out, No Breaker Trip, Comes On Next Afternoon

I am in the process of putting IoT switches/sensors in almost every room of house. In the master, there is a ceiling fan switch (GE 14287) and a pot light switch. (Inovelli Red Dimmer 0919) Shortly after connecting both same day, have been experiencing the weirdest thing…

App 2-3 hours after turning lights off and fan on for bed, (10-11 pm) the power for the breaker controlling switches and 2 sockets (each side of bed) cuts outs. Zero power but the breaker does not trip. Somewhere between noon and 2 pm the next day, power fully restored. This is consistent 90% of the time for about 2 months. I have been waiting for my electrician to come over and assess but COVID is not helping…

Had zero issues that I can recall prior to changing out the switches…

This has to be switch related no? Anyone?

EDIT: Are you using a dimmer to control the ceiling fan? I.E. turning on the dimmer to turn on the fan. If so, that is a no no and could be the cause of the breaker trip.

Throw back in the old switch and test it out. Could be a bad circuit breaker in the load center (not normally, but I’ve seen a couple go); Make sure all connections are tight. Also, your fan isn’t an old screw high amperage motor that is causing it to trip is it?

So, first thing I thought “bad breaker”…but…is it merely a coincidence that the power is killed 2-3 hours after lights off fan on …then power back on around noon next day? Seems incredibly odd… NOTE: The break does NOT trip. It never does.

The fan switch is a GE fan control zwave. It’s not a light switch. There is a big difference as I found out first hand. I could not tell you about fan. That was my 2nd choice as it was doing “something”. But, there is no way I would think it could kill and magically turn power back on next day?

I will trying swapping out the switches to see if any improvement. But, this is the most screwed up thing I have seen yet in 5+ years living IoT…

Are you in the US? Maybe I don’t understand what you are saying, but at least in the US, it’s physically impossible for power FOR the breaker to cut out, as it’s physically snapped into a bus bar. Are you saying that everything on the circuit controlled by that breaker loses power?

Wow…this is a unique one…almost sounds like something is accidentally wired in series on the circuit. I love the title “Possessed Bedroom” though…fantastic Click Bait!

As absurd as it sounds that is exactly what I’m saying. I have no power to the plugs or light or fan switches connected to this breaker. Yet the breaker does not trip. And it comes back on itself around noon every day. It’s absolutely absurd. For the record, I have been a big inovelli supporter for a couple of years now and I have a number of switches. I have never run into anything like this before. I am in the Atlanta area. single home dwelling. Nobody else messing with the panel. No other factors that I can think of to explain this.

If everything on that circuit is going out, then that suggests to me an issue with the breaker. The breaker is heating up, cutting out, but not tripping. When it cools down, it reconnects. See what your electrician says but I’ll bet that swapping out the breaker is indicated if it looks like it is seated okay.

is this happening on more than one breaker or just this one?

Odd problem however I’ve seen other strange problems. In my experience its important to not put too much weight on the timing. Even if you found some connection, you still have a loose wire/connection that needs to be found.

So question: Can I assume the “plugs” you are referring to are not associated with your IoT equipment?

I’m thinking a bad connection, possible a phase lost (hope not) Perhaps triggered by a load going off.

My first step would be to tighten every breaker screw and neutral screw in you breaker box. And check the connections in the box where your dimmer is. (even if it appears to be “impossible” to be in this box)

When the power is off on your bedroom circuit turn the breaker off then back on. Unless its a loose connection right at the breaker this should do nothing except exonerate the breaker.

Can you identify another plug on the same phase as your problem circuit? If so can you plug a lamp into it and see if it follows your bedroom.
Phase A is on every other breaker that Phase B.
Your A/C and dryer etc each have one breaker on each phase.

Do you know what else is on this breaker? If so perhaps there is a loose connection it its box.

Do you by any chance have some aluminum wire in your home? (again I hope not).

The 2 plugs equates to an outlet/recepticles on each side of the bed that are tied to same breaker which the fan and pot lights are on. They are all completely dead when this happens. There are no other appliances or otherwise connected to that breaker.

I didn’t realize a breaker could overheat and potentially die without tripping. I guess that is what’s happening and the timing for coming back on is likely coincidental. Will be easier to change the breaker than swapping out the switches again.

I really appreciate all the help as was concerned that it may be dangerous …or may need an exorcist…

Edit: first thing I will try is not using the fan tonight…

That wouldn’t be my first guess. Breaker contacts are spring loaded, there is no “middle” ground. Kind of like a trigger on a gun.

My money is still on a loose connection somewhere.

If you are convinced the breaker is the culprit but don’t have a replacement handy. You could always switch the breaker with another circuit and see if the issue follows the breaker, or at least doesn’t blackout your bedroom.


@Goldbondx Are you absolutely sure that EVERY device on that circuit goes dead? Do you have a good enough cataloging to say that with absolute confidence? I’m asking because if truly is EVERY device, AND the issue is a loose wire, then I’d start at the very first device (if you can figure that out). For a loose wire to take out an ENTIRE circuit, that loose wire would have to be at the panel or at the very first device.

100% confirmed it is the MB only. Last night I did not enable the fan. The same issue happened where power went out at 4 am. It is still out. It is consistent (give or take a few hours) with previous nights. The breaker did not trip. I am going to try and replace the breaker this evening. I will inspect the connections to the switches (fan and light) as well to see if any connection issue. However, the regular occurrence late at night is what doesn’t make sense. Doesn’t happen during the day …ever.

We’re trying to see if there are other devices on the circuit. Is the MB the ONLY thing on that circuit? If it’s a new house, maybe, but odds are there are devices outside of one bedroom on the same circuit. You have to have a full understanding of what’s on that circuit to properly diagnose this.

You’re going to have to identify everything on that circuit when it’s working properly and go from there. My point is if it’s not the ENTIRE circuit, it’s not the breaker.

Also, when did this start happening? Was it after you swapped out switches?

I only noticed it happening after I swapped out the old switches for IoT as mentioned. That is why I ended up in this forum. I thought something is up with the switches. Now I am not so sure. Likely coincidence and something in either the wiring for switches/receptacles (which were also replaced to new style) OR coincidence that the breaker is flaky.

The house is 20+ years old. I have no other issues relating to power.

It will definitely be worth swapping out a breaker for $15. Just make sure you write down the type and amperage of current breaker. A Square D breaker will not work in a Eaton load center…

When I moved into this house I took a day and found what breakers powered what. I did it the old fashion way, I turned of a breaker and found what did not have power…receptacle by receptacle and light by light. It sounds like you should do this for at least the breaker in question.

I would still tighten all the connections in the breaker panel.

It is understandable if you’re less than comfortable working with the panel. Is this the case? Don’t mean to be blunt but we can work on other approaches if you are.

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I agree. I’m still not sure if the entire circuit goes out or not. I know the OP said 100% MBR, but that doesn’t mean 100% of the circuit. We’re thinking alike. If it’s not 100% of the circuit, it’s not the breaker. I’d want to know that first before just throwing parts at the problem.

It’s also suspicious that this was first noticed after the switch swap-out. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.

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Honestly, I probably was more on “alert” after swapping out my switches because I figured I wired something wrong and was expecting a fire…my day job is not an house electrician…

Like clockwork…the power came on around noon today (usually before 3 pm ET)
We are going to examine the breaker and see tightened down, have replacements in case, check wiring of switches tonight. The other possibility which you are eluding to is I have never turned the breaker off. When I replaced the switches, I may have triggered the problem. (as I turned the breaker off for the effort) This is totally possible…more to come.

for giggles and to confirm I am not losing it. Here are my events for the Inovelli switch in master for past 3 days:

I see nothing here of interest. correct?

The master lamp is a cree lightbulb. Note the time on. Not me…it’s the ghost…(breaker coming back on I assume…)
CORRECTION. The light coming on its own is at 11:34 AM (not the 10:56 PM…sorry)