Possible LZW36 Driver and/or FW issue and S2?

Hey @EricM_Inovelli, After including my Fan/Light switch on my C7 with S2, I noticed that the Power data was not getting updated on the device page. The only way to see the updated data is to select “Refresh” on the device page.

Steps to repeat:
In your browser, Create two tabs. One for either the light or Fan child, One for the parent, start with both children off
On the Child tab, turn it on to 100%
On the parent, you’ll most likely see that the switch is on, but power is close to 0W, my case 1W (when off)
Select Refresh on the Parent, the power should now read something above 1W

Also, the Dashboard tiles are not updating when trying to control the children from the dashboard. If I turn on either one, The tile shows an hourglass and will only go away if I refresh the dashboard.

Everything (both power readings and tiles) seems to work appropriately if I include this in my network without security.

Not sure if this is FW or a driver issue… Of course, we can’t exclude pilot error. But that’s highly unlikely since I have had my allotment of mistakes for the year. :wink:

Can you confirm you’re using the Inovelli provided driver and which firmware you’re running?

I’m not using S2 and saw you didn’t have the issue without it. Out of curiosity, is there a reason you’re using S2 for this switch? My understanding was S2 still adds some overhead so made more sense to focus it on security devices etc.

Hey Chack, Thanks for the reply.

I am using the Inovelli provided driver for this switch, and the FW is 1.36

Been using S2 for almost everything in the house since I started migrating from my C4 to my new C7. Other than a bit of slowness in the network, all of my Inovelli devices have been working fine with S2. But things seem a little snappier since Hubitat’s last FW update.

Anyway, I noticed that the power was not updating prior to nor after the latest Hubitat updates. I was hoping that might have fixed the issue. So I excluded and re-included this one switch without security and that’s when I saw my issues disappear. Hopefully, this can be fixed as I have all of my Red series dimmers and black series switches joined with S2 and they seem to be working just fine, including power updates.

I’ll definitely be following along for if I end up swapping over to S2. I’m still on 1.34 and figured none was easier with updates too. Wouldn’t think this would be the expected behavior with S2 though so hoping someone with better info can come along and shed some light on it!

I’m not sure if this is the same issue we were discussing elsewhere, but I checked my LZW36 (also joined with S2 on a C-7) and I don’t think I can replicate this problem. The only difference is that I’m using smart bulbs (Hue) for the light component, so I’m not really flicking that part of the circuit on or off — but I do see the expected power readings when I turn the Hue lights on or off via software. Same with the fan, which is a typical ceiling fan.

If the only issue is power reporting on the parent, my first question would be: what are your power report settings set to? This would be parameter 28, and I’m sure the exact value you want would be dependent on your load, but a 5% setting is what I tested with here. But honestly, I have this disabled in real life so only changed this for testing. There may be things that happen in regular use I just don’t see… :slight_smile: (Now, to change it back!) This may go without saying, so apologies if you already checked it!

FWIW, I’m using my driver, which I think I’ve guinea-pigged on you, but Inovelli’s appears to parse the MeterReports in about the same way (and the debug logs should show you what’s coming in, regardless of how it gets parsed — a bit moreso in mine than theirs, but you should see something in any case). The fact that a refresh fixes the value is further evidence that it’s probably getting parsed correctly and is just not sending the reports in the first place in other cases for some reason … or at least that’s my guess!

Sure is! The reason I brought this out here is that I was seeing the same behavior with the Inovelli driver. Just not the reams of test data was necessary here. I am starting to think this “might be” FW-related, discussed below.

I am using the Inovelli driver default values of 10% (for both energy and power) or every 60 minutes. I have also tried manually setting them to these values and not just rely on them to get set by default… I have confirmed these settings using the basic Z-Wave tool if all that makes sense.

This is why I “think” this might be a FW issue(?), and I think I show this in the data that I sent you. In the logs (with debug on) power and energy are never reported when a change to either child device is made (>>10% change). When I select Refresh on the parent driver page. It is then that the logs receive the data for power and energy. So it makes sense if nothing is getting reported, there is nothing to parse.

Again, this is the case only when the switch is joined with S2. When joined, unsecured, the power is reported shortly after making a change to the device where the delta is >10%. As well the tiles in the dashboard are getting updated after changes are made.

Thought I would update this thread with some data.

With the switch rejoined with S2 and using the Inovelli driver. All driver presets are default values. Per the log below, the light was turned on at 4:44 pm and no power data was received by the hub. At 4:49 pm I selected Refresh on the driver page and power data is returned.

The following log was created after I excluded the switch and re-included it without security. Again, using the Inovelli driver with all presets set to their defaults. Here I turned on the light at roughly 5:11 pm and approximately 5-6 seconds later, the hub (C7) receives a power report.

This is an empty report that I will sometimes see on Hubitat. That is supposed to generate a “refresh” of that energy report but it doesn’t look like it is working. It is sent as a “response” to the initial report so I wonder if that is causing problems with S2. I am not seeing another reason for it not to work. I will have to do some testing on it.

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I believe that Hubitat firmware 2.2.7 will fix this issue as we shouldn’t see energy reports anymore that are empty.

Thanks for getting back to this! I’ll let you know what happens when 2.2.7 is released.

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