Possible to alternate child devices colors

OK, so I have defined a red pulsing LED child device and a green pulsing LED child device that I want to have alternate in color (pulse red, pulse green) when my Christmas virtual switch is on.

The setup is on an Inovelli LZW30-SN switch.

The end goal is that when Christmas lighting season is “true” the standard LED on that switch pulses red/green, and a double press will turn on the inside Christmas lights. A double hold will turn off inside Christmas lighting, but the pulsing remains until the virtual switch for Christmas lighting season is turned off and the switch returns to normal (it won’t matter at that point if the double press or hold are still active - just trying to point out to others where to turn the inside lights on and off from.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I think the first question would be which hub are you using?

I’ll give the disclaimer up front that I’m not sure if this would be something that could be easily accomplished, or that even if it’s doable it’s possible you’d see a performance impact by constantly sending config updates to a switch. It’s also worth noting that even if you’re updating between the colors 1x/minute, I’d be concerned about also how quickly you’re burning through write cycles on the switch (695~ days if updating 1x/minute if my math is right, but that drops fast if you went more frequently)

Might be simplest if you just went with maybe a green chase animation, though admittedly the on/off switches don’t have much room on the LED bar.

Thanks @chack. I did forget to mention that it is a Hubitat hub. Setting up the child devices (one red pulse and one green pulse) in the switch was easy enough. When I turn them both on from my virtual switch only the red one pulses. I was trying to get an alternating one.
Last thing I want to do is overload the hub as we have a pretty big network.

I am not however worried about 1MM cycle counts as it is only for a month+ per year and if the switch fails in two years I’d just replace it anyway.

Hopefully the additional information helps?

If you turn on the red pulse, and then off and then turn on the green pulse do you see it change?

If so, you can probably do it in Rule Machine using something along these lines, just make sure to read through as they also mention if you’re not careful on the logic you could end up with multiple concurrent loops happening too - How to loop a rule? - #14 by pascal.nohl - Rule Machine® - Hubitat

Another option here is maybe to use Notifications with a predetermined duration instead of the child LED objects, then just rules that will trip them every so often to rotate between?

Example of that (for a dimmer, but the general rule should be similar) - Help with Inovelli Red Series Dimmer LED rule - #5 by rakeshg - Apps - Hubitat

And that’s fair on the cycle counts, just once you get to sub 1 minute swaps it starts to drop the lifetime real fast, so wanted to make sure to bring it up especially given the difficulty in procuring them currently.

Well I kept it simple and just have the green pulse on the switch going the whole time my virtual switch for Christmas is “on”. Works fine. Sometimes simpler is better! Thank you @chack for your insight.
Oh, and yes you your first question - the pulses change when set on accordingly.

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