Preference 51 : Two types?

I am using preference manager in hubitat for my Inovelli devices, and I see two of them for #51.

Preference ‘51. Disable Physical On/Off Delay’ (name:parameter51)


Preference ‘51. Disable Physical On/Off Delay The 700ms delay that occurs after pressing the physical button to turn the switch on/off is removed. Consequently this also removes the following scenes: held, released, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x tap. 1x tap and config button scenes still work. (firmware 1.19+)’ (name:parameter51)

What’s the difference?

One looks like the name of the parameter. The other is the parameter’s description.

The difference is you have two different versions of the device handler for those two devices. Its the same parameter (#51) but the name is defined differently in the two handlers so Preference Manager sees them as two different things.

When Inovelli started out, there were several inconsistencies like this between the different models, but over time, then cleaned it up. Make sure you download the most current device handlers from the Inovelli website (not the ones built-in to Hubitat) and also make sure all the same model (e.g. LZW31-SN) are using the same version of device handler

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Thank you, @mamber! Are the drivers hosted at the right ones?

Those are the right ones. If I can make a recommendation though, install Hubitat Package Manager and then install the Inovelli drivers through that (named Inovelli Drivers (Gen 2)). It’ll let you know when there’s been an update and you can just click update and be done as opposed to having to manually update each driver. It’s also great for any other apps, etc that you may use.

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Thanks @chack !!

He will still need to go into each device and make sure the Device Type is set to the new Inovelli drivers. HPM will update the driver files, but it will not change the settings in the device if they are set to the old drivers

Absolutely agreed, it’s just useful to keep the drivers up to date and when first installing them on Hubitat. Any device config still has to happen to swap over.