Problems setting the LED Strip color

I got this when I put “67” in the Hue setting box and clicked the button (in the Device page):

And, I can’t figure out how to send the parms to the “setColor” command.

AND, when I tell the Hubitat to set the color to “White” it comes out yellow (using the “bulb” device’s “set color and level”).

The only way to get white seems to be calling the custom “setColorTemperature” action–and it needs a value, but ANY value you put in there makes it white.

It’s been tough trying to figure this out, as most of the parameters aren’t working like you’d expect.

This came from the factory with v1.47 and I updated to 1.48 for the base device (as the LED patch didn’t seem to be needed).

What’s the date on the Inovelli driver?

There was a fix to the Inovelli drivers on August 25 to address the LED color issue. Take a look in the driver comments:

Date: 2020-09-16

For other colors, this has been working for me

It seems to work for some colors better than others.