Product Idea: Outlet

Outlet with independent control over both plugs and power consumption. I would love to install one behind my dishwasher so i can determine when it finishes running. ie power consumption stops. 15A and 20A version would be great. 15A to start.


Looking for the same exact thing. Ideally with surge protector built in

This topic has come up before (Dual in-wall outlet with BOTH outlets controllable), and to a degree this is possible.

Dual independent outlet control isn’t possible under NEC regulations. The best we can hope for would be a single controllable outlet, and monitoring of both plugs.

Surge protection didn’t come up, which would make sense. If you have a 1600 joule unit, and it take 2x 800 joule surges you would need to replace it. Installing a whole house surge protector is likely a better option. Please let me know if I am understanding this incorrectly.

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Too bad code says only one can switch. Thanks for the other link.

I have a house full of the dual controlled Insteon outlets; they work great.