Product Request: Switch with Dimmer LED Bar

So I am fully dimmed in my house for the switches that matter, but have a few remaining switches that have fluorescent lights and need switches,


I am unwilling to compromise the “look” of the LED bar notifications and some of the locations would be optimal for notifications.

Please make a Red switch with the dimmer look, I’m fine if the bar is off or 100%, I just want the same look/feel and notifications.

And yes, I realize setting dimming speed to 0 is similar, but I prefer the physical hardware of a SWITCH not a dimmer for fluorescents and some specific applications.


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I know this isn’t what you want, but a possible suggestion- take a Red Dimmer, set it in smart bulb mode, then wire its output to a 120v relay that actually controls your load (fluorescent lights or whatever). Thus you get the hardware benefits of a relay (real on/off and higher current handling), but with the dimmer switch.

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This could probably done in firmware by letting us bump the minimum dim level to 100%. You might get a bit of clipping still from the TRIACs but it might be close enough