Product Request

Please…please…please…will you create a decora switch for smart bulbs. This is a simple switch that fits in a decora-size wall plate and connects to a hub where the buttons can be programable. I have no idea why this product does not exist beyond the short-lived Lutron Caseta connected bulb remote.

Many of us have smart bulbs (Cree, Sylvania, etc.). I also have light strips which are plugged into an outlet in my kitchen. In total, I have 3 light strips. I want to put a decora switch on the wall that turns all 3 light strips on…and a dimmer would be fantastic! Again, however many buttons, to be programmed by the hub. In another room I have a bar with 5 Sylvania OSRAM RGB bulbs. There is one light switch. I would prefer this decora switch I am describing to be used to control all 5 bulbs via the hub.

With the connected bulb remote, it is battery powered and the battery last for well over a year…maybe longer. A battery powered device is preferred. Unfortunately, the Lutron remote only integrated with my old Wink hub. With this hub gone, there are no options. Adding a couple more buttons to allow for scenes would be even better.


Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you are asking for, but you can do that with the current Inovelli red switch or dimmer . . or other smart switches as well. Add a smart switch to your hub and then configure the actions for your smart lights. Just don’t let the switch actually switch power locally.

The Inovelli switch and dimmer have the added capability to turn off the switch’s relay, so if you have smart bulbs connected to the leg the switch is on, the bulbs will have constant power and can be controlled by the hub. But otherwise, the same concept as above.

You mentioned buttons. The switches I’m describing are decora rockers, but scene capable. So you can use the multi-tap capabilities of the switch to effect scenes, effectively taking the place of buttons.

If you want a battery operated decora switch, another manufacturer makes those, but they don’t go into a standard electrical box.

Are you referring to a low-profile, decora-style, scene-capable battery operated switch?

If so, post might provide some additional information:

Shortly after posting, I found a device that is exactly what I’m looking for. Not only does it fit in a decora switch, it also stays magnetically and can be removed. It has a scene button, a button to rotate between colors, and a button to transition between color and white modes. Bam!

RGBGenie ZB-5122

It appears this device does not work with SmartThings, but fortunately I have a Echo Show device that should work. I bought one to try out.

I still think Inovelli would make a better switch.