Question updating firmware LZW31-SN (FAILED: Insufficient memory)

I followed the directions from the inovelli website and used the zwave update firmware driver.

The switch was previously on 1.30 (not exact but i jumped from a significantly older version) or something from a few months ago

The firmware page shows 2 files:
v1.48 Z-Wave MCU (Target 0)

v1.47 Holtek MCU (Target 1). Note: Not needed if you have already flashed the .bin from firmware 1.47.

I installed the first one without a problem. When I try to install the second one (v1.47) , I get the following:

  • currentFirmwareVersion : 1.48
  • firmwareFragmentSize : 40
  • firmwareTarget : 0
  • firmwareUpdateProgress : FAILED: Insufficient memory
  • firmwareUploadPercent : 100%
  • lockedBy : None
  • manufacturerId : null

Was i supposed to install this second file> I tried twice and it fails each time. thanks

You need to select target 1 for the holtek chip