Question: ZHA, Quirks and Firmware Updates, oh my?

Hi group,
A couple of questions about Quirks and ZHA. My understanding is updated quirks expose new entities as firmware changes take place.

1. Has anyone found a way to update quirks without removing and repairing?

2. Is zhaquirks.inovelli.VZM31SN.InovelliVZM31SNv13 the latest Quirk (I can’t find any temperature entity)?

3. When I remove/re-pair, I break automations, Node-Red calls and dashboards, even when I add it back as the exact same name. It seems that Home Assistant gives the entities a unique sequenced new name/number after the plain English name?

Any thoughts or experience on any of these topics?


  1. Quirks should be applied with a restart of HA (should see that in your HA logs if I’m remembering correctly). To get entities replaced/updated though, I believe you have to remove/re-pair the devices.

  2. v13 should be the most recent signature in ZHA (don’t worry about that number vs the firmware version, it has to do with the signature of the device itself as opposed to parameters, etc being added). I don’t believe there has ever been a temperature entity with the 2-1, but if you’re looking at the Inovelli manufacturer cluster, there is the internal_temp_monitor 0x0020 that may be what you’re looking for? If you’ve got a bit more specifics on what you’re looking to do I can try to help point you in the right direction.

  3. I have seen this on occasion where maybe the light entity on the device might sometimes get a _light or _1 appended, but if that’s breaking other automations or dashboards, you can edit the entity and remove that to match it if that’s easier than updating automations, etc?

    It’s probably worth noting here that firmware changes that include changes to the HA frontend are not as frequent and my guess is 2.18 is here for a bit at least just looking at the pace of updates and that the firmware appears to be in a stable state there.

I think I hit on everything, but I just got back from a trip so if I missed something, I apologize and by all means let me know!

Thanks so much…
I appreciate this insight.

At ~40 switches, and some 40 some odd entities per switch, I’m not looking forward to the idea of edit the name of 1,600 entities manually, and my OCD wouldn’t let me have them disjointed with a mismatched naming structure. I’ll have to give this some thought…


The only entity you should have to rename would be the light/fan entity that you’re controlling. Any parameters within it just need to point at that parent entity?