Recommendations for retrofit LED can lights (dumb)?

I am buying a new house that has can lighting throughout with traditional bulbs (and open air to ceiling beyond that.)

I would like to convert them all to LED bulbs with a sealed can that doesn’t vent to the attic. They will be used on smart dimmers throughout (likely Inovelli Blue when they are released.)

I want to get bulbs that will work well with dimmers. Smooth dimming and flicker free at lower levels. What are the best options out there. Any resources for side by side comparison of different dimmable bulbs options that will play well with smart dimmers?

You might consider waiting until the Blue series is released since that is your target dimmer. Unfortunately, dimmer/LED compatibility evaluation isn’t a perfect science. If you wait until the Blues are released, you’ll get better feedback once the community gets a chance to try them with their new or existing wafers.

The only possibility at this point would be if one of the beta testers tested with wafer lights. Even then, I’d wait until they were tested with a production firmware.

The Blue series dims exceptionally smoothly, so that would be a good pick in that regard. Can’t speak to wafer light compatibility.

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I’m happy to test some if you have any in mind? My general advice to people is to stick with the name brands (GE, Philips, Cree, etc). Most of the issues I’ve seen stem from people buying cheap no-name brands from Amazon.

My only caveat with name-brands is to not buy the cheap version of them – I’ve purchased some GE ones at Walmart and they were very bad. But the Relax and Refresh lineup of theirs that you can find at Home Depot or Lowes work awesome.

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Do you have any experience with any of the ones available slightly discounted in Bulk packs? Would be replacing lights in a whole house… and would prefer not to have to spend $20/light.

I don’t, but I’m happy to buy some to test for you! Shoot me a link and I’ll buy some :slight_smile:

Hi Eric!

I have several retrofit LED’s that seem to be dying as they are not as bright as they were 4 years ago - connected to earlier gen LED compatible GE Zwave dimmers. I have a batch of Red Gen 2 dimmers that have been sitting on my shelf waiting for me to install. So this may be a good time to swap those out if I can find some decently priced LEDS.

Yes, I am being cheap and looking for a “miracle” product

If that offer still stands, I’d like to know how well the Red Dimmers work with these Amazon deals.

These are color temperature switchable and have the “halo” night light:

These are just color temperature switching:


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“Cheap” and “a miracle” is an oxymoron. If you are serious about Inovelli testing cans you are interested in, I would stick to name brand, widely available solutions. Widely available means available online and in big box stores. I doubt seriously that Inovelli is interested in testing one-off junk solutions. You can do that yourself and report back!

Given the first product notes the following, I doubt it will work for your purposes:


You might check Facebook marketplace; I’ve seen a lot of the Philips hue can lights for cheap.

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Here are a couple of the “standard” options at the local Home Depot: