Red 2-1 Dimmer stuck in Local protection state after removal from HA

As per the title I think I may have messed up my 2-1 red switch. For better context, I installed my new switch(red 2-1 dimmer) and everything was working fine. I added it to my HA with zero problems and verified it worked. I then enabled Local Protection State to ‘ProtectedBySequence’. Stupid me just thought that added better security to the device. I later forgot I even changed that setting and when I went to manually turn off my light via the switch I noticed it did not work. Long story short I tried to factory reset my switch by holding the config and up button for 20 seconds and the switch did nothing. I tried to exclude the device by 3x pressing the config and that also didn’t work. I think we all know now, that the reason was due to it being in a Local protection state. Sadly, I didn’t have that clarity until just 10 min ago. Anyways, I removed power from my switch and used the ‘Remove Failed Device’ option in z-wave to remove the node. Node 3 in this example. I figured that would force the switch to factory reset when it powered back up but it seems I was wrong. My switch still does not respond to anything I do. In my logs I can see that HA is seeing the node, but is ‘discarding the received command’ and no matter how I try to add the device back it doesnt work. I even tried to use the QR scan value to add it but it just stays in the ‘provisioned Device’ list and is not included into my network.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

You can try this, as I don’t have a red to test. It’s a Blue paddle sequence. Down paddle + 10x config button. At least on a Blue it will remove local protection.

Thank you. I had to do is twice but the second time it worked! I had to factory reset switch but that enabled me to integrate it again. Thank you.

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