Red 2 in 1 stuck in reboot loop

I have a “Red Series - 2-1 Switch (VZW31-SN)” that reboots every 30 seconds regardless of light being switched on or off.

  • Firmware 1.20
  • Neutral wire install
  • One fluorescent light on circuit, switch reported ~56W full load
  • Reboots regardless of being turned on or off
  • Paired to home assistant via zwave js ui
  • Shows up / works normally for 10-15 seconds until it reboots

I filed a support ticket a couple of days ago, but haven’t heard anything back, so reaching out here for help.

I put a multimeter on the power and everything looks fine ~121V, no voltage drops while in use.

Given the fact that it reboots even when turned off I can’t see how it could be anything but a defective product, but looking for advice!

Remove the load on the switch and see if it continues the loop.

Does this have a ballast? Lights with ballasts are inductive loads and not supported with the 2-1 switches.

Probably does, it’s a 4 ft fluorescent tube.

I guess I’m still confused why it reboots with the light turned off though, but regardless I need to be able to turn it on, so this isn’t my switch.

I see that caveat on Inovelli’s page now - would be great if thy could add it to the amazon listing.

Can I use the blue fan and motor switch? It says AC motors only - does that really mean also inductive loads, or is there some other aspect that would prevent this from working with a fluorescent bulb with ballast?

You could replace the fluorescent tube with a led version and remove the ballast.

Did you try removing the load and confirming the switch doesn’t reboot loop?

If you replace with an LED tube, get the kind of LED replacement that gets wired in to the 120 line direct and you bypass the ballest. Most consumer LED floresent replacement bulbs still keep the ballast and the LED tube just uses its circuits to get rid of the flickering.

But the Ballast could be the cause of it, or caused damage to the switch and now its in a boot loop.

By remove load you mean disconnect wire to light? With light turned of (which I would assume is no load - maybe incorrectly?) it reboots.

I sent the switch to amazon to return as defective yesterday, so I’ll try with the replacement ( though I get it isn’t suitable regardless)


Gotcha, and thanks. Off to youtube to see what is involved in removing the ballast

Correct. Physically remove the wire from the load connection of the switch. Just have line and neutral connected.

If you search the forums there’s a few recommendations to replace the fluorescent tubes with LED tube.

Those switches on Amazon are not being sold by Inovelli. The seller is Z-Wave products, an Inovelli reseller.

Really appreciate all the replies here.

I think I’m going to use some leviton z-wave switches (DZ15S) that claim inductive load support. Will see if that is bunk, or not. I also have a set of halogen that I now understand would, probably face similar issues.

I very much like the inovelli feature set and look - I’ll keep my replacement red 2 in 1 and test it out on some led lights.


Halogen is a resistive load. The issue with halogen is the wattage. Depending on how many bulbs*watts would be the concern.