Red Dimmer (child) notification help w/ Hubitat - Maybe I missed it somewhere


Several Inovelli red dimmers and switches
2 door locks
(There’s more, but these are the relative pieces of equipment for this request for help.)

Warning: I am brand new to Hubitat and Inovelli. I have experience with GE/Jasco (non-plus) and SmartThings v1/2 and Honeywell Alarm. However, these two equipment groups are proving to be extremely different.

So, I just received my new Dimmers and switches. I love the idea of watching door locks and changing the child light for notifications (suggestion from Inovelli homepage). Unfortunately I can’t make it work right. It took me a while to figure out how to manipulate the child light (I don’t know why the driver for the child is in a different place than the driver for the dimmer).

I have the Hubitat Security Monitor watching either door lock to see if they are unlocked. In the event that one of them is unlocked (manual or automation) the child light notification 1 turns on with my notification 1 settings. That part works.

I then have the Rule Machine watching both door locks to be locked to turn off the child Notification 1.

The problem is if both door locks are unlocked (Notification 1 is on and blinking red), and either door lock gets locked, it turns child Notification 1 back off. I need to set the Rule Machine to monitor lock 1 AND lock 2 instead of lock 1 OR lock 2, but I can’t figure out how to do that. The alternative would be to use Hubitat Security Monitor to make a second monitor that watches for both locks to be locked and turn the Notification back off, but there is no option to turn something off, only on. What am I doing wrong? How do I make this work? This was my method, but was there a more correct way to do this? Anyone have any help or advice? I have some cool ideas with some of the other features in my smart home, but I need to get this working first.


Everything good here? Sorry, I’m late to the party!

I think the answer is yes (?) If you follow the link BertABCD1234 created above to the Hubitat forums, The subject is marked “Solved”.

Edit: Started to ask a new question, but decided to post a new thread later…

Sweet, appreciate the help! I need to learn more about Hubitat tbh.