Red dimmer in 3 way with LZW41’s

I am waiting on getting neutrals installed and then I have a pair of LZW31-SN’s to connect in a 3way configuration where one of those switches will be no load and Zwave associated to the other switch. Now for the question how can the LZW41’s be configured to those switches? I assume they can’t also be associated to the switch or can they?

Procedure is this:
On the switch that DOESN’T control the LZW41’s, set Parameter 12 to be 11. This prevents a loop where the switches keep trying to update each other.
Then make your 3way associations. Switch 1 associates to Switch 2 with Groups 3 and 4. Switch 2 associates to Switch 1 with Groups 3 and 4.

Now add the LZW41’s. On the switch that DOESN’T have Parameter 12 set, associate it to the light. If you want the light to ramp on when the switch is turned on, associate groups 3 and 4. If you want instant-on but dimming capability, associate groups 2 3 and 4.

Okay so if the 2 LZW31’s are associated wouldn’t both switches control those lights? And everything I seem to see about Zwave association references setting group 2 and 4. I’ve never seen 3 mentioned. I guess I need to find a full Dummy’s Guide to Z-wave Association to read. I think I just know enough right now to be dangerous.

That’s the plan, right? That’s also why you set Parameter 12 on the switch that DOESN’T associate to the smart bulbs. Setting Parameter 12 to 11 tells the switch that if it gets commands by Z-Wave association, don’t forward them to associated devices. This enables the two switches to run in 3-way, and not create a loop where the same command keeps flying back and forth in a circle. But if you set that on the switch that has the smart bulbs associated, it won’t forward its own dimming updates to the smart bulb.

I seem to see about Zwave association references setting group 2 and 4. I’ve never seen 3 mentioned.

Z-Wave groups are device specific. Basically a device has multiple groups. Group 1 is the ‘lifeline’ group- the hub is always in it, and it uses that to update the hub on what it is doing. That way if you hit the on button locally, the hub knows the light is now on. Other groups however can be whatever a manufacturer wants them to be. HomeSeer dimmers for example only have a Group 2- that sends all updates from the switch. Inovelli’s groups are explained on Page 11 of the user manual.

Basically Inovelli splits out the groups so different sets of commands are sent. Group 2 only sends ‘turn on’ and ‘turn off’ commands when you tap the paddle up or down. Group 3 sends level commands that keep two switches in sync- so whatever level you set the switch to, it sends that level to the other switch. Group 4 sends ‘start dimming’ and ‘stop dimming’ commands when you hold and release the paddle.

Does that make sense?

That helps. Will see how much sense it made once I get these installed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:

Thanks a lot!