Red dimmer isn't working anymore

I’ve got a red dimmer wired in a two-way circuit without neutral. It goes to an LED flood light outside and I have an Aeotec bypass installed. This worked flawlessly for several months but now no longer works: the switch won’t turn the light off or on, either via the rocker or z-wave command. The switch itself does have life: the LED bar on the side responds correctly to various automation events I have set up around the house.

I’ve tried replacing the Inovelli with a standard switch and the light worked perfectly.

What else can I try or do I just have a dimmer that died?

I have had two red series dimmers act strange a couple of times, 1 seemed to just lock up and not work at all, pulled the air gap switch waited a few seconds pushed it back in and all was good.

Yesterday my living room switch quit working, air gap reset did nothing, switch would not respond to pushing any buttons. I could control it with the app and Alexa though. I finally as a last ditch effort went into the settings, cycled it to disable local control, saved it, then switch it back to normal and the switch immediately started working.

I had one replaced within the last 2 weeks exhibiting the same behavior. It would work on the LED bar to turn on/off, but the circuit would not be energized. Air gap would fix it temporarily, but only for a few minutes.

Mine was, however, 3-way with neutral.

I have had this happen on more than one switch. Rebooting the switch by pulling the air-gap fixes it for a while. For me it takes a couple weeks to come back. I reported it in this thread…