Red Dimmer LED turns off

I have a red dimmer that is attached to just the main, neutral and ground. I’ve been using it for a couple of years now to turn on or off either or both of 2 Hue bulbs in a reading lamp. (i.e. 1 up or down turns on/off the upper bulb, a double click up or down turns on/off the bottom bulb, and a triple click up or down turns on/off both bulbs). Everything seems to be working fine, but I’ve noticed that all of a sudden, for some reason the LED dimmer indicator suddenly just turns off. I don’t think I’ve set anything to do that. While it is possible I did do some change that is causing that, is there anything else that could cause the LED to just turn off? If I had done something, I’m guessing the way to troubleshoot that is to go into the device and look at each and every In Use By rule?

Parameter 17 is the LED indicator timeout if the indicator has been disabled. If you set that manually or perhaps via a rule, then that would cause the behavior you are describing.

Para 17 has never been set. It says Click to Set. I didn’t even know this param existed until just now so I know I never set it in an app.

Just out of curiosity, what is the default setting for param 17? I’m asking because if I ever set it, there isn’t a choice of “none” or “default”.

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