Red Dimmer LIght Automate


I would like to find a solution for the dimmer to automate at certain times of the day.

I am currently running my red dimmer switches with hue bulbs through rule machine. However i don’t like ambient light while sleeping.

I would like have the LED light on the switch automate, turn on 15 minutes after sunrise, dim to 25% 15 minutes after sunet, and turn off with “goodnight trigger automation”

Is this possible?

Is that possible?

@sonikot That is definitely possible. I set up a test rule using some existing devices I had set up. I don’t know what the “goodnight trigger automation” would be, but I would probably have a virtual switch toggle like I show here. You might need to to tweak this a bit through experimentation, but it should work.

Thanks! I will try this when i get home.

I’ve got a bit to learn about virtual switches.

If your goodnight trigger is a voice command to one of the smart home lines, my recommendation is to set up a routine on that service that toggles a virtual goodnight switch on/off. I do that with Alexa and never have issues beyond it not understanding me sometimes.

Is this specific to the light or the LED on the switch? just want to double check!

You can control either by setting the device target appropriately. Start slow and maybe just make a rule that turns a switch on 10 seconds after you tell it to go or something simple. You’ll get the hang of it.