Red Dimmer (LZW31-SN) not responding to second tap

Context: I’ve got an automation setup in Node-RED, so that if you tap the switch to turn it on at night, it only goes to 30% brightness, but then if you tap it again, it’ll go to full brightness. I do this by adjusting parameter 9 (Default Level, Manual) to 30% at a specific time of day, then adjusting it to 100% after it gets turned on (in preparation for a second tap), then back to 30% when turned off.

This worked great for a long time. But recently I had the switch moved to another room, and performed a factory reset. Since that time, the switch no longer responds to the second tap. It turns on at 30%, and a second tap does nothing. When I view the parameters in zwavejsui, I see parameter 9 changing from 30 to 99, but the switch itself is not responding to that change once it is already on.

My only guess is there is some other parameter that changed after the reset, which is preventing this? Is there a setting that allows the switch to respond to taps even when already on?