Red dimmer switch suddenly doesn't work at full brightness and small amount of light remains on

I’ve had my Red dimmers for several years now and they’ve always worked fine. A few months ago we had a power outage and after coming back online, one of my switches doesn’t seem to work right. First off, while off the bulbs still light up - I understand this could be due to power leaking through to LED bulbs, but this worked fine before the outage.

In addition, at full brightness, the switch appears to freeze and not respond to any commands. I need to pull the air gap to be able to reset it. If I dim the switch a bit before turning it on, it will work as expected (minus the lights staying on while off).

What happened to my switch? I really don’t want to get a bypass as it worked perfectly fine without any kind of changes.

Try factory resetting the dimmer.

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Did, no dice!

This happened to me. It’s very odd as nothing changed but the dimmer wouldn’t work after a power outage. The same bulbs that had worked before, stopped working. I wound up having to swap a LED for an incandescent bulb, to up the load. This was with a Red Series dimmer in a no neutral setup.

I don’t know what the outage did, but it changed either a config parameter or corrupted the firmware?