Red Dimmer switch to Zigbee bulb

This wall switch is connected to the outlet in the family room where the lamp are plugged into it. When I took the old wall switch out, I connected the two wire together permanently making the outlet hot all the time and install a Red Series Dimmer switch with line and neutral but no load or traveler since I wanted it to control the Zigbee bulbs.

I am able to set up a rule on Hubitat that 1 push turn on the all the zigbee bulbs and 1 held turn it off so it working good.

How do I set up the rule to dim the bulbs when holding the down button and brighten the bulb when holding the up button? I tried all sort of rules and nothing changes the bulb, I see be blue led on the side of the switch going up and down but the bulb stay at 100% on or off.

thank you

You have a couple options. An easy one is Hubitat’s built-in “Mirror” app, which will apply level and on/off states from one device (your dimmer, in this case) to others that you choose. This might be what you want if you like the LED bar level indicator to match your bulbs.

Personally, in this situation, I have local control disabled (because my smart bulbs are on this circuit and I don’t want them to turn off or try to dim in this way), don’t care about the LED bar, and just use the Central Scene commands (button events on Hubitat) to manipulate the bulbs as I wish. Holding and (after a hold) releasing the up/down paddles both generate button events, so you could use Rule Machine (with a “Button Device” trigger) or Button Controller (if you have it–coming back soon if you don’t) to perform the “Start raising/lowering dimmers” action on a hold and the “Stop raising/lowering dimmers” action on release — on whatever events the holds and releases actually generate (can’t remember what they are on Inovelli’s stock driver, as I’m using my own; checking the logs as you hold and release is probably the easiest way to see what your driver does — Inovelli’s driver uses unusual event naming and button numbering).

…and these are just two options I can think of. :slight_smile: As usual, with Hubitat, there are lots of ways you can approach the problem. You will need to put the hub into the picture here, since something like direct Z-Wave Association isn’t possible with the bulbs being Zigbee. Also, note that Zigbee groups on Hubitat don’t support the level change commands I mentioned (so you’d have to use individual bulbs), though in general groups with group messaging enabled work better whenever possible. YMMV. Good luck!

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Where do I find this “Mirror” app? I look in the “Add built in app” and don’t see it listed.

Thank you

Never mind … Found it … I need new reading glasses … :stuck_out_tongue: