Red Dimmer VZW31-SN - Home Assistant Zwave Dimmer Control

I have some string lights on my deck connected to a Minoston outdoor zwave dimmer plug and just wired up a VZW31-SN red series dimmer on a separate circuit with Line and Neutral only so it does not switch a load.

In Home Assistant I can create an automation from scratch (using the automation builder, not YAML) to use the Inovelli Red Dimmer to turn on/off the Minoston dimmer plug but I cannot figure out what the correct trigger is for holding down the Up or Down buttons for dimming.

I tried a couple different blueprints, like this one, but using those I couldn’t even get the dimmer plug to turn on.

Does anyone know the value/trigger for dimming with VZW31-SN in Home Assistant or know a good blueprint that should help me accomplish this? Thank you!

I would recommend using binding from the Inovelli to the other dimmer instead. Binding groups 2,3,4 should get you the desired result.

Thanks for the recommendation. Could you please tell me more about binding groups 2,3,4? I’m not familiar with that concept. Is it something I can accomplish with Home Assistant?

Sorry, I wrote binding when I meant association (binding is the equivalent for Zigbee devices).

You can do it with Home Assistant but you need to be running Z-Wave JS UI not Z-Wave JS (Home Assistant’s UI can’t do it directly).

These instructions should get you started, your switch A will be the Inovelli, switch B will be the Minoston Dimmer. You do not need to make associations back from the Minoston to the Inovelli.

Just remember, once associated you control the VZW31-SN from HA only. That keeps them synchronized.

I am currently running z-wave JS, not zwave JS UI. It seems possible to switch to the UI version with a bit of work but I am wondering if it would be worth it? Are there other advantages to the UI version? The switch and dimmer plug are the only devices I want to associate. All my other zwave switches control dumb lights or zigbee lights.

Is there a way to control the dimming action of the dimmer plug with the vzw31-sn in home assistant using zwave JS?

I can’t answer your question about dimming via ZwaveJS. As an alternative, you could use multi-tap automations to set dim levels. Single tap up and down for 99% and 0%. Double, triple tap up, etc, for dim levels in between.

If you’re running Home Assistant OS with addons, I would follow this guide to do it: Switching Z-Wave JS Addons with Minimal Downtime! Z-Wave JS (Official) to Z-Wave JS UI (Community) - Community Guides - Home Assistant Community

It explains some of the other advantages to doing so in the beginning of the guide, but you get access to better diagnostic tools, advanced network management, etc.

You can do it with scene controls and multi tap using my blueprint: Z-Wave 800 Series 2-1 Switch (On/Off & Dimmer) | Project Phoenix - #505 by rohan

But this has a disadvantage of requiring Home Assistant to be running for it to work and it won’t be as smooth.

@rohan thanks for the tips. I actually tried the blueprint that you linked (I think you made the blueprint, right?) before I wrote my post and I unfortunately cannot get it to work with my VZW31-SN switch at all. Using the blueprint, I have tried making the switch on/off buttons to turn on/off the Minoston dimmer plug and other smart lights around the house but all attempts have been unsuccessful. Any ideas why I cannot get this blueprint to work with this switch?

I did a factory reset on the VZW31-SN and was able to control it with Rohan’s blueprint. It works now but the dimming function isn’t quite perfect. The actions of Hold Up and Hold Down can increase/decrease the brightness of the dimmer plug but only one step per button press. So it does not work like a light connected directly to the dimmer. I am going to try switching to Z-wave JS UI to see if z-wave association can provide the smooth dimming I’m hoping for. Thanks to everyone who helped me here.

One further follow up note, I just switched from zwave JS to zwave JS UI and associated the dimmer switch with the dimmer plug and it was definitely worth the work. The on/off is much more responsive and the dimming works almost as well as if the lights were connected to the load on the switch. I’m going to play around with the ramp rate/dimming speed parameters of the switch and the plug to see if I can get it to be a bit smoother.

Ideally you want the dimming rate and ramp rate parameters to match, that should give you uniform and smooth dimming.

Glad you got it working!

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