Red dimmer with Add-on. No Neutrals. Line + 2 travelers in 1 box, load + 2 travelers in the other

Hello - I recently read several topics including a similar title to mine except the user was using a Red On/Off switch, it appears I have the identical configuration except I’m trying to connect a Red LZW31-SN and an approved GE Aux switch.

My initial issue is the same as Tom Hogan’s ( stark0228) post:
Tom’s post for additional reference and diagrams

I’m trying to replace an existing 3-way dumb setup with a Red series dimmer LZW31-SN switch and Approved GE Aux switch, but none of the wiring diagrams match my situation. I don’t have the black and white striped wire ln the non neutral 3 way diagram. In my config only Box 2, which does not have the Line wire, has additional wires and what looks to be a group of neutral wires, but the previous dumb switches never had one hooked up. These extra wires are pulled in from a 3 gang box behind it with 2 additional switches and an outlet on the other side of the wall. I have a Smartthings hub system.

Box 1 has a three-wires with a constant hot line wire and two travelers when the breaker is on.

Box 2 also has three wires. Two of the wires are the same color as the 2 without house current in Box 1. I combined all the wires in Box 1 and turned on the breaker on and tested Box 2, and identified the Load wire as having no house current.

I got the wiring idea from Tom’s post as follows:

The line and one traveler are connected up to the neutral of the Aux switch in Box 1. The other traveler wire is connected up to the Aux switch traveler.

The traveler from the Aux is connected to the traveler connection on a Red inovelli dimmer in Box 2. The old traveler wire (tied to Line in box 1 ) is connected to the Line and the load is connected to the load.

When I turn on the breaker the 3 can lights attached in the ceiling come on, but the LED on the Red dimmer won’t illuminate, and I can’t turn the lights off with either switch. I can’t get the Red dimmer LED to come on with the config button, nor can I enroll the Red dimmer via the Smartthings app.

I can’t get to the can light wiring probably at all, but I was thinking of trying a bypass since the 3 cans are fairly low wattage LEDs. If I were able to get to the can wiring, would I just need to use a single bypass, assuming they are all chained together?

I appreciate any help the community can offer, I’m attaching pictures of the Red dimmer and Aux switch wiring. Oddly - most of my switch boxes do have a neutral but this and another for which I bought the inovelli’s do not. Instead of Red White and Black I have 2 Black and a Red that were tied to the dumb switches originally. Both of course have ground wires as well. Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can provide.

Box 1 has both black Line and red wires in the Aux switch’s Neutral, and additional black wire in the traveler switch terminal.

Box 2 (sorry pic upside down) has Red Dimmer with black load wire in Load terminal, Red wire in Line , and additional black wire in traveler terminal.
Looks like what worked for some, but not for me…

Can’t see much from your pictures.

Do you have pictures with the dumb switches connected before you tried adding the Inovellis?

Post pics so that we can see into the boxes, with the switches pulled out as far as possible. The pictures have to be clear enough that we can see into the boxes and clearly discern the routing of all of the conductors.