Red dimmer with Enbrighten Add-On Switch

I’m trying to setup a three way switch setup. I’m using Red series dimmers with Enbrighten Add on switches. I’ve set the Red series dimmer to use the add-on switch and things work… sometimes. turning off from the add on switch works every time but turning on is hit or miss. Sometimes a few taps will trigger the light but other times it just doesn’t work.

I have an older GE Enbrighten switch that behaves the same way. Is there a possible wiring issue? The power and load lines comes in from the side with the add-on switch. I have the line passed through to the red series switch and the red traveler is connected to the add-on. Maybe a problem with the firmware or is this just what is to be expected?

What is the firmware on the dimmer? There were some issues resolved in the most recent (1.57) beta firmware

It is running 1.35. I’ll try and update the firmware this evening.

Here’s the changelog. If you’re going all the way from 1.35 you might want to do a factory reset after updating. A lot has changed since then.

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That did the trick. It works MUCH better and I’ve been able to reduce the delay with the new settings. My wife and son had given up on complaining about the delay. They will be pleased in the morning.

Thank you for the help.