Red Dimmer Won't Dim On Paddle

Bought a new red dimmer and the SmartThings integration is working great. However, twice now the paddle has stopped responding when I press and hold–it won’t adjust brightness. Instead, if I press and hold up, the brightness jumps from off to 100%. If I press and hold down, the opposite occurs. Factory resetting the switch has solved this both times, but it’s a huge headache to go through the Z-wave exclusion process so that I can re-add the device to SmartThings. Am I doing something wrong here? Has anyone else experienced this behavior? After a reset it works as expected, and this last time I didn’t adjust the config at all. If it matters, brightness can always be adjusted in the app(s).

Help appreciated.

Although you said you didn’t change the configuration at all, the symptoms you are experiencing match the symptoms you would see if you set config parameter 2 to 0

Parameter 2:
This changes the speed in which the attached light dims up or down when controlled from the physical switch. A setting of 0 should turn the light immediately on or off (almost like an on/off switch). Increasing the value should slow down the transition speed. A setting of 101 should keep this in sync with parameter 1. Range:0-101 Default: 101

Have you tried changing this config parameter when you ran into problems?

Thanks very much, I’ll give it a try tonight. When adjusting a config parameter, how can I tell what it’s currently set to? I know how to get to specific parameters, but where the feedback is while adjusting a parameter is unclear to me.

FYI, this worked, but it’s parameter one, not parameter two. The default is 3 seconds to fully dim, but the device was acting like it was set to 0, which is instant on/off. No idea why it keeps defaulting to this.