Red Dimmers and Switches locking up

So about once a day 1-3 of my lights lock up. Usually they get locked in the on position but they have gotten locked in the off position. They can not be turned off either through automation (SmartThings) or at the switch (pressing the button does not change the condition). To fix them I have to pull the air-gap switch on the bottom of the light wait a few seconds and then push it back in. Once it is back in the light continues to function like normal. I have a total of 21 z-wave devices. 15 of them are Inovellis; 10 Red Dimmers and 5 Red Switches. It happens to both dimmers and switches, but only the Inovelli devices. It is not always the same devices, and it is not at the same time everyday, although I do notice it at bedtime when my routines start turning lights off.

Any thoughts?


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Hey @gijosh28 – I’m going to make a thread about this shortly. It seems like this issue is creeping up on us again and I’d like to see what SmartThings has to say about it so I’m going to try to collect some data along with @EricM_Inovelli.

I’ve seen this before with our Gen 1 switches and what we think we narrowed it down to was the S2 Implementation with SmartThings (it didn’t happen on any other hubs to my knowledge).

I have a couple notes out to ST to see what their thoughts are, but in the meantime, let’s consolidate these threads into one. Give me maybe an hour or so.

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@Eric_Inovelli, sounds good. Let me know what I can do to help.

Hey @Eric_Inovelli.

Just want to add some info in case it helps any. If you need more details let me know but it doesn’t hurt to have more info.

I saw this recently when doing firmware updates on my switches as well on Hubitat. They are red series switches. As soon as they got the command to start sending the firmware they would hang hard. I would have to air gap them to get them working again.

It was consistent and only happened on 3 (out of 30+) of my devices. I was able to get by it all with some well timed air gapping during the upgrade process.

@GavinCampbell - @Eric_Inovelli @EricM_Inovelli I had two On/Off (one black, one red series) give me trouble when attempting to flash. Multiple air-gap resets and pure magic to get these two to flash. The laptop was within 1 ft of the switch, but when I hit the upgrade command, it would attempt, but never started. The switches were unresponsive remotely or locally and required a reset. After a few resets (the black series finally started), I basically had to hit upgrade as soon as it finished booting.

None of the dimmers did this to me when upgrading to beta firmware.

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Oddly, I had very little trouble upgrading. They joined my old Aeotec stick, and the firmwares pushed almost without incident. My lock up problem is just during daily use.

that same issue shows up from time to time with one of my black on/off switches. but only on that one. neither on the other black or with the reds.