Red Invovelli dimmer switches showing up as Outlet on Hubatit HomeKit integration

All my Red Inovelli dimmer switches showing up as Outlet on Hubatit HomeKit integration.

The Fan and Light Inovelli switches are showing up as a dimmer and fan on Hubatit HomeKit intergration so that one is showing up correct on it but not the standard Red Inovelli dimmer switch which is showing up as Outlets. I have over 10 of those switches and it’s annoying to see it all as an outlet on my phone.

How do I correct this so it shows up as a Dimmable light switches on Hubatit like my Fan and light switch?

Thank you

You may want to post on Hubitat community as well since this is a relatively new feature through Hubitat Apps.

I did post it on there too. Reason I post on both because other Involli switches shows up proper so I don’t know if it the Involli driver or Hubitat app … hard to tell which …

At the bottom of the page for the Homekit Integration App, under advanced, flip the toggle for Show accessory classes and characteristics, then find your dimmers and in small text underneath each dimmer you’ll see Export as Button, Outlet, Switch, Dimmer and click Dimmer. You might need to refresh the page for the subtext to show up, I can’t remember.

Hubitat is choosing what to export as based on particular characteristics that devices have. Not sure why it defaults the way it does, but it’s trivial to fix.


That did the trick!

Thank you!


Mark the solution if resolved for future reference!