Red On/Off 3-way Gets Confused (technical term)

I have an issue (and intermittent one at that) with a 3-way setup. First let me say that I have tried multiple Red Series On/Offs and they all exhibit the same behavior. I’ve also replaced the dumb switch multiple times with different types (3-way/4-way (as a 3-way), etc)). The 3-way configuration works fine 95% of the time, but every now and again, the switch gets a little wonky and thinks it’s on when it’s off (the light it’s controlling) or that it’s off when it’s on (the light again that it’s controlling).

When the light I’m controlling is actually on (done by a dumb switch usually) and the smart switch thinks it’s off, if I hit the ‘off’ button on the smart switch, nothing happens (the led on the smart switch usually turns on as well and the smart switch sees the light is on). When I hit the on button (even though the light is already on) the switch will then turn on its led (nothing happens to the light, it stays on), then I can hit the off button on the smart switch. The switch is back in sync again. Note there is no clicking of a relay or anything when I hit the on button when the light is already on. It’s almost as if it gets a bit confused for a second. I’ve had the switch out and checked the power to the wires in this scenario, and nothing changes. Hence why I likely don’t hear a clicking sound when I turn it on (after it’s technically on).

This happens a low percentage of the time, but I can reproduce it with enough clicks between the two switches (especially if I click them very fast and alternate between the dumb and smart switch). Again, multiple Red Series On/Off’s, multiple dumb switches. I might try switching out the light bulbs (CFL’s) and see if that makes a difference.

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, please let me know!

Had another issue where the smart switch has power (you can tell by the very dimly lit led), hit the on button- nothing. Hit the off button on the switch and it turns the light on and led light on. Hit off again and the switch turns it all off. On button turns light on. I haven’t touched the dumb switch at all in this config.

So again, it’s as if the switch or the relay is getting confused and this happens if I switch out the smart switch with another.

I’ve run into this a few times myself. I assumed it was a side effect of going with the dumb switch. Very rare but but still something that is going on.

Early on in my use of the Red Series Switch I had a very similar issue that I was able to isolate to happen when the dumb switch was only in a certain position. The intermittent behavior was fixed using some different LED bulbs around the house.

@Eric_Inovelli has comment in another thread about the fact that some dimmable bulbs causing issues with the Red Switch detecting the dumb and Aux switch types. In my case I was not using dimmable bulbs, but the issue did go away…

I have a 3 way with no neutral and want to setup with the red dimmer and a ge aux. I have previously bought lots of switches and dimmers from 2018 sale and not installed as we were possibly moving. When i went to install a regular inovelli on/offswitch i found that there was no neutral in this switch box. Anyways i just wanted to confirm that this wiring scheme will work when it is power, light, switch, switch 3 way with wiring scheme with the new no neutral setup. Also it is track lighting with 6w X 13 lights so i meet the minimum load also.

Replaced the bulbs with non-dimmable LED’s and the problem is actually worse. In fact the lights turned on when I plugged the LED’s in. I am going to throw in a GE aux switch and see if that solves it. If not then I am done with these switches.

Appreciate the link to the previous threads. Definitely seems related.

Have you figured out the root cause? I am having the same problem, word for word as you describe.

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