Red Series 2-1 Association Issue

Range should also be 0-100 since that’s the range of values it can be set to.

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I see now, you were pointing out the error in the description.

Correct. And, just so I’m sure I’m on the right page, the range is really 0-99 and 100 is reserved to be the last setting, not 100%

0 is off, 1-99 are levels and 100 means return to previous state. The parameter can be set to any value from 0 to 100 so it seems to me the range is 0 to 100.

I’m fine with the range of 0-99 as 0 is 0 percent. But I wouldn’t want them to say the range is 0-100 as I think it would be confusing to people who will think 100 is 100% instead of last value. I get they probably use 100 as they were setting the variable to an integer and didn’t want it to be some letters like “RS” (for reset) for example.

Yes, and the values are explained in the text directly above the range. What the numbers represent doesn’t change the fact that the parameter can be set to every value from 0 to 100 which makes the range of valid setting 0-100.

“The range of values you can set the parameter to is 0-99, but just wait, you can also set it to 100” doesn’t make more sense.

Is the default actually 99? The red defaults to 100.

I get it. It is just a tiny quibble. Once they get the text correct all will be right with the world.

Can you provide the link to this error?

Good catch, thank you!

The P15 range error will be fixed in the next release

Is the default correct as 99? I would have expected to be 100.

Default is 100 and included in the fix

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I don’t know that I can really provide you with a link because it is inside the device in the Params section, but I did a copy and paste. If you have anyone with a Red 2-1 using Hubitat just go into the device and scroll down (or search for) 15 and you’ll see it:

  1. Level After Power Restored

Level the dimmer will return to when power is restored after power failure (if Switch is in On/Off Mode any level 1-99 will convert to 99).
1-99=Set Level
0=Use previous level.
Range=0…99 Default=99