Red Series 2-1 Association Issue

Just installed the new Red 2 in 1. Love the switch! Definitely a great upgrade from the previous gen switch, which I have a bunch of. I have replaced a previous gen Red dimmer with the new 2 in 1. I’m using a C8 Hubitat Hub.

I’m trying to associate the new switch with two black series dimmers, which previously were associated with the old Red series. Everything was paired without S2 security.

I’m using the Inovelli z-wave association tool. After sending the command to set association for group 2 and/or group 3, the request sits in the Desired Association line within the driver. In this picture, I’ve only tried setting group 2.

The Actual Association for group 2 is blank.

I’ve downloaded the latest drivers and latest version of the Association app.

I’ve temporarily set up the Mirror app to link the switches through the hub but really would like to use association.

Are there any issues with the firmware for the new switches related to association behavior?

I just tested the association in reverse. I set one of the Black Series dimmers as the source, and it was properly able to associate and control the Red 2-1 dimmer.

So it seems to be something with the driver or the switch firmware that is having difficulty.

Firmware is fine. It works for me in Home Assistant.

Not sure if this is on topic or if I should’ve started a new thread, but let’s give it a shot…

I have a Hubitat setup where my RGBW bulb (LZW42) was previously controlled by and associated (group 2) with a red-series on-off switch (LZW30-SN). I replaced the switch with a Red Series 2-1 dimmer (VZW31-SN), and put the switch in “smart bulb mode”, but now I can’t get the association (groups 2 & 4) to work. At first I could only choose from groups 1 and 2, but I excluded and re-added the switch, and now I can pick from all 5 groups in the association app. But even when selecting groups 2 and 4, the switch doesn’t seem to do anything to the bulb. Old switch, new switch, and bulb all have security set to “none”.

How can I debug whether the association is set up correctly or sending association commands correctly? Are there particular log lines that should be generated, or things that should show up on the device page for either the switch or the bulb?

I replied to this issue a customer ticket. There an update to the Hubitat driver that I just pushed out that fixes the issue.

Thank you, @EricM_Inovelli! I tested this out and the associations updated. Really appreciate the support!

Thanks, @EricM_Inovelli ! On/off is working for me with the latest update. I still need to test dimming.

Just to help those that might be in my shoes I just replace a 2nd gun Red Dimmer, LZW31-SN with a Red Series 2-1, VZW31-SN. I am using Hubitat.

I’m using the VZW31 driver and the fwVersion is 1.0.

The 2-1 is attached to a load, line, neutral and ground. I also have an 2nd Gen, LZW31-SN that I have associated both ways on Groups 2, 3, and 4, just like it was when a 2nd Gen RD was connected to the load. The light turned on from the 2nd Gen but it wasn’t dimming and the LED wasn’t syncing.

Both are set up with no security.

I believe I fixed it by going into the Associations and turning on the “Reset” button near the bottom left and then clicking “Done”.

Parameter 59 to answer your previous asked question.

Do I set 59 to both for both of them?

BTW, the link says this about Parma 59:

Parameter 59 - Association Behavior

If you want to change the way your Red Series 2-1 Switch associates with other Z-Wave products, find Parameter 59 and change it to a value of 0 if you’d like to disable associations, a value of 1 if you’d like to send association commands locally, a value of 2 if you want to send association commands to your hub, and a value 3 if you’d like to send association commands both locally and to your hub. The default value of Parameter 59 is 1 which is to send Association commands locally. This is because depending on your setup, having multiple Z-Wave devices communicating to both the hub and locally may cause a Z-Wave loop.

I’m guessing that Never, Local, Z-Wave and Both correspond to 0, 1, 2 and 3. Also, it doesn’t say if we should use one for the source and a different one for the target, or what. I know before I had the source (non-load) as 11and the target (load) at 15. I’m not sure which are the equivalent settings here.

Also, do I need to set Param 22 at all for the 2-1?

Am I correct in setting 2, 3 and 4 for both of them? The documentation just mentions 2 and 4 and only on one device, but as I recall those docs have said that for years, but I needed 3 for the LED to sync and I believe it need to be done on each of them.

You are correct in that you want groups 2,3,4 associated both ways. The load switch should have the parameter 59 set to “Both”. The non load switch should have it set to “Local”.

P22 defiines the of WIRED aux via the traveler terminal. In this case you would select “no aux” since each switch is wired as a single pole with the the 3-way control being done through wireless association instead of using a wired connection

Thank you. I’m assuming then that Param 22 is how this switch is being used, not if there is an Aux or not. If that is the case maybe “Not an Aux” would be a little clearer.

I love Inovelli, and 100% of my switches are from them, and I know they are a very small company, but I wish they would be a bit more attentive to the online manuals/instructions, like how to do the associations.

Also, is there any documentation as to changes to the button designations and params between the 2nd gen and 3rd gen, like how the favorite/config button when from being #7 to #8 or how param 12 is now 59 (and how those 15 choices before are now just 5, and how they correlate)?

As luck would have it, I’m in full writing mode for the documentation. Is there something I can write up for you?

We do have an article for Hubitat Associations here: Setting Up Z-Wave Associations • Hubitat | Inovelli Help Center

Just gotta use that search bar my friend lol

Yes, the search bar is your friend lol

Kidding aside, let me know the search terms you used, maybe it’s not pulling up the articles correctly and I can add some keywords to make it easier.

As you mentioned, we’ve been dinged a lot on documentation and it’s my goal to make it better. It’s all I’ve been working on the past month, so I’m happy to add whatever you need!

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I’m perhaps one of that tiny percentage that does RTFM first and then went to the Association linked page. On the association page it doesn’t say for a dimmer that 1) you should do it both ways (just that you should do it for 2 and 4); 2) that you should also do it both ways for group 3 to sync the LED; and, it doesn’t say anything about setting the Params for the source or target. I only have a Hubitat hub, but with that I found that a 2nd gen Red Dimmer needed to have Param 12 set to 15 for the one with the load (target) and Param 12 to 11 for the non-load one (source). For the 2-1 it appears Param 59 should be set to Both for the load (target) and Local for the non-load (source). So setting params for associations aren’t mentioned in the article either.

To try to find the button assignments from the Home page I went to Support | Knowledge Base. From there I clicked on Switches & Modules | Red Series 2-1 Switches and clicked on 7 Articles | Red Series 2-1 Switch Button Combinations, Quick Tap Sequences & Local Control. Under that I only found how to use the buttons to enter parameters. I didn’t show that the Config/Favorites button is now button 8 vs. 7 how it was in the 2nd gen.

I also clicked on the links for the manual and Hubitat links (and there even Setting Up Multi-Tap Scene Control), Just to try everything I also tried clicking on the Setting Up and Wiring Schematics links, which not surprisingly, didn’t have it either. I guess my mistake was not searching for “buttons”. So my suggestion is to create a link to the button mapping page. (If there is one, I couldn’t find it).

Finally, I was trying to find a single place that would list the differences for the button mapping and parameters between the 2nd and 3rd gens. If that exists, I couldn’t find that either. I think that would help a lot as I’m sure a lot of people will either be replacing their 2nd gen with a 3rd gen or else adding 3rd gens and already have 2nd gens. There just was nothing anywhere in the 3rd gen docs to suggest any of the button mappings or params had changed.

Just on the topic of cleaning things up, at least in the Hubitat device page there is a typo for the Red 2-1 for Param 15, Level After Power Restored. For User previous level it is 0 (zero) instead of 100. It is very confusing as Off also shows 0 (zero).

Also for wiring the Red Series 2-1 on the wiring/schematics page in the Important Notes section it says the hub/gateway binding and Scene Control need to support Zigbee when it should be Z-Wave.

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Not true.

100 = restore to previous level = go to the state it was in before the power failure.

0 means be off when power is restored.

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Thank you. I just hope they correct the typo soon where it has a zero for that in Param 15 in Hubitat.

The behavior is correct as PJF described, but there is a typo in the description. The typo will be fixed in the next release.

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Great! Thanks.