Red Series 2-1 Association Issue

Just installed the new Red 2 in 1. Love the switch! Definitely a great upgrade from the previous gen switch, which I have a bunch of. I have replaced a previous gen Red dimmer with the new 2 in 1. I’m using a C8 Hubitat Hub.

I’m trying to associate the new switch with two black series dimmers, which previously were associated with the old Red series. Everything was paired without S2 security.

I’m using the Inovelli z-wave association tool. After sending the command to set association for group 2 and/or group 3, the request sits in the Desired Association line within the driver. In this picture, I’ve only tried setting group 2.

The Actual Association for group 2 is blank.

I’ve downloaded the latest drivers and latest version of the Association app.

I’ve temporarily set up the Mirror app to link the switches through the hub but really would like to use association.

Are there any issues with the firmware for the new switches related to association behavior?

I just tested the association in reverse. I set one of the Black Series dimmers as the source, and it was properly able to associate and control the Red 2-1 dimmer.

So it seems to be something with the driver or the switch firmware that is having difficulty.

Firmware is fine. It works for me in Home Assistant.

Not sure if this is on topic or if I should’ve started a new thread, but let’s give it a shot…

I have a Hubitat setup where my RGBW bulb (LZW42) was previously controlled by and associated (group 2) with a red-series on-off switch (LZW30-SN). I replaced the switch with a Red Series 2-1 dimmer (VZW31-SN), and put the switch in “smart bulb mode”, but now I can’t get the association (groups 2 & 4) to work. At first I could only choose from groups 1 and 2, but I excluded and re-added the switch, and now I can pick from all 5 groups in the association app. But even when selecting groups 2 and 4, the switch doesn’t seem to do anything to the bulb. Old switch, new switch, and bulb all have security set to “none”.

How can I debug whether the association is set up correctly or sending association commands correctly? Are there particular log lines that should be generated, or things that should show up on the device page for either the switch or the bulb?

I replied to this issue a customer ticket. There an update to the Hubitat driver that I just pushed out that fixes the issue.

Thank you, @EricM_Inovelli! I tested this out and the associations updated. Really appreciate the support!

Thanks, @EricM_Inovelli ! On/off is working for me with the latest update. I still need to test dimming.