Red Series 2-1 Firmware Changelog | VZW31-SN

The field is hidden by default. If you go to the device you can enable it.

Click enties not shown and the click internal temp. Then click the gear at the top. Finally select enable and update.

I’m using Hubitat, not Home Assistant.

Doh! @mamber or @harjms are the ones to ask about Hubitat.

It’s probably a driver issue.

Definitely a @mamber question as he’s been keeping the drivers updated. I don’t have access to the red beta group so not sure if that driver captures the internal temp yet, but looks like the blues do; so if not there it may be shortly.

I just finished updating the Blue Fan and Blue 2-in-1. Will start on the Red 2-in-1 shortly


When I try update the firmware with the app I got the error : ERROR: The transferred image does not match the Firmware Target.
If I try update it with the driver method I got the error: FAILED: The device was unable
to receive the requested
firmware data without checksum

I have an Hubitat C8 ver.

Hi @marcmale, can you make sure you are downloading the correct file? Github is a little strange where you have to right click on the file “RAW” link and choose “Save As”.

Right click here:

Or here is a link to directly download it: