Red Series 2-1 Firmware Changelog | VZW31-SN

August 11, 2023 / v1.02


  • Add read only options to see internal temperature (P32) and Overheat condition (P33)
  • Button combo to show firmware version. Hold Down Button and press config button 9 times Blink White to show major version. Long blink for 1’s and short blinks for 0.3’s. Blink Orange to show minor version. Long blink for 1’s and short blinks for 0.3’s. Version 1.02 would be = 2 short blinks of white + 2 short blinks of orange.
  • Add overheat detection.

July 12, 2023 / v1.01

Warning: Trailing edge mode is only to be used to enhance compatibility with some LED bulbs. It should not be used with any other load. Please reach out to support to verify that your load is compatible with trailing edge.

  • Return leading edge to the default dimming mode.
  • Allow user to change dimming mode from leading edge to trailing edge. This can be done with a button combination:
    ** Leading Edge (Default) - Hold up button and press config button 13x
    ** Trailing Edge - Hold down button and press config button 13x

Firmware/Red-Series/Z-Wave/VZW31-SN-2-1-Switch/Beta/1.01 at main · InovelliUSA/Firmware · GitHub


Is there a config argument to switch to trailing edge? Doing it with the button combo on every switch is going to be a pain.

Yes, it is parameter 26 1 = enable trailing, 0 = disable trailing (0 is default). Currently we are not wanting to put it in drivers and integrations because of the potential that someone can mistakenly enable the feature on an incompatible load. This may change if we can get the appropriate warnings in place, but don’t want users to change it willy nilly . . . especially remotely. The next firmware version will use the internal temp sensor if the wrong load is attached so adding it then will be more likely.




Will this be exposed to the user or only internally available?

There will be a read-only parameter that will show the temperature and a read-only parameter that shows 0 = temp warning not tripped or 1 = temp warning currently tripped.


What is the threshold for the overeheat trigger? I see the default value for the internal temp is 30, yet all mine are a bit over that. I have three in the same gang box reporting 38, 37, and 35.

It is supposed to be 90C. After that the temperature has to drop to 70C before the load can be turned back on.


Curious if anyone has had a chance to try fw 1.02 and if they have had any issues with it.

I have it running on 8 switches. Have had no issues so far, so seems very stable. Using Home Assistant with the Aeotec Z-stick and had no issues upgrading via Z-Wave JS.

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Did you have to initiate the upgrade manually or did Home Assistant prompt you to?

Had to be done manually.

I’m at 50% success rate on the first attempt to update after trying on two switches. Both switches are in the same box, so this shouldn’t be a signal issue. First switch updated fine. Second switch threw an error and aborted the update and then is now saying the node is dead. When I try to re-interview (this is when I started the debugging logs, didn’t think to start them before the update).

Currently sitting with this:

I pressed the paddle down and that woke up the switch. Immediatley it came back to life (I was watching the logs) and re-interviewed with no problem.

Attempted firmware update again and it was successful.

Edit to add: both are 3-way with neutrals.

I updated mine. No issues so far. Neutral in a 3-way with a dumb switch and on/off mode.

Edit: Currently reporting temp of 37C with the load off

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So is 1.2 equivalent to 1.02? Home Assistant is telling me it’s version 1.2 but here we just have 1.02.

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Yes. I loaded 1.02 and it shows up as 1.2

Last week, about 3 switches came up saying firmware update avaialble, and I ran it on those. They register 1.2 in Home Assistant tho. The firmware in the Inovelli Toolbox is still showing only 1.00 available, but this being a temp sensor, I assume it has no changes on those values anyways?

But this morning the rest of my switches all show firmware update available. So processing now. No issues on the other ones from last week, everything is going as expected…

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No issues with 1.02 here either, although there’s no internal temperature reporting. Maybe the Hubitat driver needs to be updated?

In home assistant I had to manually enable the new fields for them to begin reporting. Not sure if hubitat is the same.

Not sure what you mean by that. Did you modify the driver? (I know nothing about Home Assistant).