Red Series 2-1 Odd 3-Way Behavior w/WeMo

I’m in the process of slowly replacing my WeMo switches with Inovelli. For the meantime though, they will need to co-exist for a period of time.

When I install an Inovelli Red Series 2-1 in a 3-way circuit with a WeMo 3-Way switch, the two switches appear to fight each other for some reason. Switching the lights on/off constantly when the Inovelli is switched ‘on’. During this time the light on the Inovelli blinks blue. When I switch the Inovelli ‘off’ the Wemo switch appears to constantly reboot itself with its blue light blinking. Replacing the Wemo side with a dumb switch resolves this issue.

Has anyone else experienced something similar? Can anyone explain this very unusual behavior?

AFAIK, Inovelli’s wired in a 3-way switch leg are only compatible with a dumb switch or an Aux switch.

As a workaround, you might be able to re-wire to send just a hot and neutral to the WeMo. Let the Inovelli control the wired load and use an automation to get the WeMo to control the Inovelli to turn it on or off.

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Agreed, you can’t connect the two smart switches together like that.

So you could use another 2-1, an aux switch, or a dumb switch. Not all configurations are possible in all situations, as it depends on the wiring, so I would make sure you understand your wiring setup before you decide on what you’re doing.