Red Series 2-1 Stability (occasionally "Unavailable")

I have installed about a dozen Red Series 2-1 switches, with maybe half of them in non-neutral mode. I’m using Home Assistant (yellow). I have all 800 series devices in the Z-Wave network, and my installation is relatively new. I’m somewhat of a novice to home automation, though I have experience with electronics and computers in general.

I’m having the switches show “Unavailable” at seemingly random times, at an average rate of maybe one per day. The switch will function manually and when any button is pressed it will be available again in Home Assistant. It seems that most of the units that are doing this are in non-neutral configuration, though they are probably in more challenging locations as well.

Does anyone have any advice as to the reason for this behavior, or how to troubleshoot it?

I have tried to “rebuild network routes” a couple times, though I don’t think it has helped, and in fact some devices seem to become “unavailable” during the process.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Are you using an 800 series coordinator as well?

This sounds exactly like the issue that plagued 700 series coordinators when they were still relatively new. It was eventually solved with a coordinator firmware update. I wonder if the 800 series coordinators are having the same issue?

Next time a device goes Unavailable, check if pressing the ping button will bring it back online. As a workaround for the 700 series issue, I had setup an automation that triggered when a device switched to unavailable and had it run the ping action automatically to bring it back online.

I have an 800 series from Zooz (ZAC93 LR) that fits onto the Yellow platform.

Interestingly I haven’t noticed the problem the last few days, but I’ve also been distracted by Christmas events. I did remove one of the devices a few days ago as well.

I have Z-Wave devices from Inovelli and Zooz, as well as a couple of Nanoleaf light strands which are Matter/Wifi.

Thanks for the tip about the ping button. I may have tried that very early on, but I’m not sure. I’m very familiar with internet protocols (e.g. ping/ICMP), but I don’t know technical details about Z-Wave or if “ping” would do a similar thing for that.

I have used 500, 700, and now 800 series controllers and experienced the issues you are referring to with the 700. It got better with the firmware upgrade but never went away fully. It was part of the reason I upgraded quickly to 800.

With that said, 800 has been flawless for me and I’ve been using it for several months now. At least with my experience, the issue with 700 did not and is not happening with the 800