Red Series 2-1 Switch (VZW31-SN) flashes pink/yellow and doesn't reset or work

Hey all, so I managed to get 4 of my 5 switches set up but might’ve fully broken one.

Before I realized that you could update switches via Home Assistant to be multi-way I was attempting to switch it manually by doing the holding down of the config button and tapping the up/down arrows (that never worked and the color never matched what it should have).

Anyway my current problem is if you press up it flashes pink once, if you press down it flashes pink multiple times. If you reset (hold down up and config for 30-ish seconds, release config first when the bar turns red) it also turns pink. I never connected the switch to any hub and tapping config three time to put it into pairing mode flashes yellow three times.

Any suggestions?